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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Churches should be the pillars of moral uprightness in the society- Pastor Paul Adefuye

The Church of God should be the pllar of moral rearmeament in the world and not the other way round.

This means that the society should learn good deeds from the Church and strives to copy the good standard set by the Church and not the Church copying the ways of the world.

Christians have therefore been enjoined to always keep the sanctity of the church and ensure that the church remains a place through which the world will be transformed by the impartation of  positive thoughts and acts.

The man of God in charge  of Living Faith   Foundation ( Peace Court), Providence Event Centre Abiola way Abeokuta, Pastor Paul Adefuye stated this while delivering a sermon this Sunday. 

Speaking on the theme " Understating  the Misery of the Kingdom, the man of God said  for a man to understand the misery of the kingdom, he must not see himself as someone who has outgrown the word of God. 

He also said believers should not see themselves as Mr Good or someone who knows it all saying the implication of that is that such people always resist corrections and such people will always fight the truth.

Pastor Adefuye lamented that these days instead of the church setting standard for the society , the church is going the way of the society.

According to him, if the men out there for instance  are not comfortable in the market place and even In their various offices due to indecent dressing, they should at least be comfortable coming to the church, saying a sitiation where indecent dressings has also crept into the church does not present the Church in a good light.

He said believers  should not do the work of God for the sake of gathering crowd   saying of what use is a congregation of over 1,000 or more and not up to ten of them can be delivered truly.

Saying the church should get it right by being a role model to the society, the man of God also said Christians  should not feel comfortable anytime they are somewhere and the  Church is being demonised, saying they should rather rise in the defence of the church.

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