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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Time will come when everything in life will be meaningless

School of Life....with Waheed Ogunjobi 

Today's Nugget: 

A Time will Come when you no longer care whether the clock moves faster or slower or which way the clock faces or moves.

Age is one sad thing to live with. I mean at my age nothing really matters any more.You don't care which way the clock faces any more, you don't care if the clock moves faster or slower,  because you hardly have places to go (emphasis mine). You just don't care. - FATHER in Tuti, a drama by Ahmed Yerima,2008.

This comment which is an extract from a drama by Ahmed Yerima, celebrated Plawright ( not the popular politician) is the kernel of our wisdom nugget for today. This comment should remind us all of the in-evitability of ageing. A day will come in the life of a man when most things that inspires us today will no longer do; when all those Italian wears.shoes, expensive bracelets, gold plated wrist watches and hand bands would mean nothing to us. The title, degree or whatever we so cherish would be worthless and of no consequence.

Do you also know that with ageing, Lion the Lord of the jungle will loose her roaring power and remain sober, weary and vulnerable to the extent of becoming a prey to other animals it had preyed upon. That is the reality of life!. What the Ecclesiasists referred  to as Vanity upon Vanity.

Chances are that if we all stop to think that time will come when all of our great strengths and powers will diminish; that time will come when even our teeth will be too weak to crack even the bones of fishes, let alone that of a cow, we will be a bit circumspect and sober about what life really holds in stock.

Sure, time will come when life becomes so meaningless to the extent of not making any more sense to us, no matter the glamour or aura of the moment. Then. If we are able to do what the people of the books call sober reflections, we will have to do nothing , but calm down and probably retrace ourselves back to God- The Ultimate..We would know that life itself is meaningless and full of unnecessary chasing of shadows.

 Yes, I mean, we would calm down. You remember the story of the boy that went viral, not  too long ago. " Mummy , please Calm Down" Yes, we will.please calm down and face the reality of life because everything is just ephemeral. 

The Queen of England for imstance lived for 96 years and rule for 70 years and yet it all ended one day. At a point, she was no longer in control of her health and life, despite all the wealth and luxury she controls. It was all but shortlived. Even, Methusellah recorded to have lived the longest life in history will still tell you all is Vanity...

So, today that position, that power, that wealth, that influence, that aura, that skill, that austentatious and stupendous wealth are just meaningless as time will come when they will no longer matter even to you...

Tomorrow is another day....

Waheed Ogunjobi, a journalist, writer , author and Public Affairs analysts writes from Abeokuta, the Ogun State Capital and can be reached on 08035004741 or waheedogunjobi@gmail.com

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