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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Business School Netherlands Graduates the 2022 Class of Action Learning MBA

The graduation ceremony of Business School Netherlands (BSN) 2022 Class of Action Learning MBA transformation leaders held on September 2022 at the Hague in the Netherlands was with great excitement and pageantry.  

The graduation ceremony was attended by Nigerians, South Africans, and graduates from Europe, Asia and other Countries where BSN has study centres. 

The resilient graduates completed the pragmatic action learning programme successfully, fulfilling all requirements and were certified to step forward to champion a great career and personal and business performance in a fast-changing, digital world. 

The BSN Action Learning MBA programme is pragmatic, interactive and "real-time virtual". The programme allows you to study while you work full-time with the unrivalled flexibility of digital learning that is closer to in-person or hybrid, with a rich portfolio of capacity-building modules. It is an international MBA recognised globally and puts you in ‘Top Rank’ anywhere in the world. 

Interestingly, many graduates of the Action Learning MBA revealed their profound experiences with the programme. Mr Victor Afolayan opined, “the Action Learning MBA programme at BSN was an eye opener for me. It has helped me identify the gaps in my company as regards management effectiveness and sustainability of the company”. 

To Ms Nonny Akana, “the Action Learning MBA programme is a flexible training and development programme, which serves as the best fit for the ever-changing business environment.”

Other graduates of the programme, such as Mr Oluwadamilare Akande, said, “The BSN Action Learning MBA programme has helped in expanding my world view and equipped me with the required knowledge to become a better leader”

 In the opinion of Dr Olawumi Akinwande “, the BSN Action Learning MBA programme engagements gave me opportunities to improved my skills in leadership, presentations, communications and team building. I have gained and applied new perspectives to address challenges that a business may face.” 

BSN is rated Tier one in the Global Executive MBA Business Schools rankings. The School is in the Netherlands but has distant learning centres in different locations across the globe, including Nigeria, Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt.

“BSN currently ranks fourteen (14) out of 180 Global Executive MBA programmes thoroughly examined worldwide. Thus, BSN outpaced over 166 excellent programmes in different continents of the world, in terms of the quality of Faculty, learning environment, class sizes, tuition fees, faculty, delivery methods, international diversity, gender make-up and more.” 

BSN Action Learning MBA is also seventh (7th) among the Tier One European MBA Rankings. In addition, the CEO Magazine ranked BSN Action Learning MBA second (2nd) in the 2022 Global Online MBA Rankings. The CEO Magazine Global Ranking is a global recognition hotly desired by the world’s top business schools; 

BSN was established in 1988 in The Netherlands and has grown its presence into 16 Countries. The school has graduated over 6,000 Executive MBA holders from over 1,200 firms in over 55 countries. It has worldwide accreditation reflecting its commitment to exceptional global quality standards. Also noteworthy is the impressive career outcome of our alumni. Many are securing investments from international venture capitalists, getting appointments, and gaining fast promotions in Fortune 500 and public sector appointments.”

Meanwhile, Professor Lere Baale, the CEO of BSN Nigeria, congratulates all graduates of the 2022 MBA Class on their remarkable achievements and wishes them the best in their various endeavours.

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