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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Why I Didn’t Want to Marry (chapter one) – by Seun Sobola

Reader, I was an exceptional womanizer in my prime and I won’t be ashamed to say that my knack for women was superfluous. Natural or not, I did not know where the energy came from because if it was not to sleep with women, hardly would I be seen me with them. I always dine on soft-city bed with any lady I meet. I was Mr Casanova himself!

It was time for me to get married after many years of merriment. Finding a woman of my choice was not an issue, and to your surprise, a chaste woman was my pick. My taste had changed like toiletries used to clean faeces which would never set eyes on the dining table. I was ready to settle down and take Toyin to where true love lives.

My neighbours rescued me as I tried to clobber my neck with a knife at the front gate of my rented apartment where my blood could easily run wild to God in Heaven to ask why I sacrificed a footstep for someone who could not go an extra mile for me. I soon understood that love is a deception.

My condition was beyond the power of human being after Toyin packed out of my house. Supernatural miracle was the source of my consciousness, Chronicles chapter 16 verses 9 was my memory verse and ‘Every satanic angel blocking my wife from coming back home, be bound, in the name of Jesus’ was my prayer points.

Reader, my marriage proposal to Toyin was the sweetest of all in the world; you can also try it with your wife-to-be. I invited Toyin, her two best friends and a hired pregnant woman to a restaurant. I planned with the pregnant woman to accuse me of being the father of her pregnancy to shock Toyin out of good senses.

‘You think you can run away? You left me and the baby inside me to hunger for six months, ehh? You think you’re mad but I’m madder than you!’

Toyin was remorseful at instant: her eyes became hell and was about to cry when I knelt down, thrusted forward before her a wedding ring and asked her lovingly, ‘BABY, WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ 

Toyin was exhausted and looked at the pregnant woman who was now laughing and joining others around with the repetitive polar positivity, ‘SAY YES! SAY YES!! SAY YES!!!’

The Law of Karma isn’t revenging on me, it is the vicissitudes of life under considerable assault of ungratefulness because Toyin did not have a tangible job before we met. I got her a job and made her a salary earner. I succumbed in the name of love to her idea that we should buy a car than to build a house. In a car I had 30 percent payment, she took it with her and my children.

Toyin is a lazy, stingy and stubborn wife. She likes fast-food and finds it hard to cook for me. Many a time, I knelt to beg her whenever she caught me sleeping with my chest opened to God on the bed, and not her Celestial church's ‘Karika’, a sleep on the side of your body. She would even bring all sorts of spiritual ornaments to sanctify the house, calling me a drawback to her life.

Reader, I would not tell you all of my sufferings under my own roof, for they happened to me and I cannot but say that women are pretenders! I have finally withdrawn from social contact, I have been saying goodbye to myself and I know that I am in an overwhelming situation. This is why I’m using the last pen in the house to ask you: Where did I get it wrong?

to be continued…

The voice of your writer, Seun Sobola. The short story above is a work of imagination but one mixed with reality and credibility. Please pay little attention to the Law of Karma as the sole source of problem of the anonymous character. View it from the financial perspective of how stable a man should be before he gets married. View if from the spiritual perspective of, 'Did God tell you to marry her?’
Seun Sobola is a fresh first class graduate of English, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria.

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