Friday, December 23, 2022


According to Jonathan Gifford in his book “100 Great Leadership Ideas”, It is very easy to be a successful leader, all you need is the charisma of a hero; the wisdom of a philosopher; the vision of a seer; the interpersonal skills of a diplomat; the memory of an elephant; the stamina and fitness of an athlete; the integrity of a judge; the presentation skills of an actor; the humility of a saint; the confidence of a politician...”
For Alh. (Dr.) Teslim A. Sanusi, PhD, FCIB, he comes across as a father figure, a life coach, source of inspiration and professional of distinction. There is definitely no volume of  space allotted here to his tribute that would suffice as he merits all accolades one could shower on an iconic personality that adds value to humanity. A distinguished past President of our Council, Dr Sanusi has remained intensely valuable to the Board and the Council, despite his advancing age. Though served the Council diligently as member of the  Board for about a decade, before rising to become the 15th President of the Council, Dr Sanusi's  desire to give more pragmatic leadership to the noble body gained  more impetus during his presidency. There were many significant impacts recorded under his leadership that will forever be etched in the history of the noble Council. It was under him that the intention to give a befitting secretariat to the Council became actualized. He started the construction of the present Insurance Brokers House and saw to its near completion; he strongly pioneered the Council's image initiatives, couching the "Consult the RIB" which has remained the tagline of the Council's advert till date. He also reorganised the Secretariat' man power bringing in savvy administrative techniques that allowed for good work flow and efficiency. Dr Sanusi's tenure would also be remembered for being the first to put together an Investiture  Think Thank Committee before his ascension to office which, among other things, gave him the impetus  to make the investiture a signature event, with the invitation of late Dora Akunyili, the then Minister of Information as Special Guest of Honour. Personally, working with him as the Council's Head of PR was memorable. He infused in us the spirit of transparency, honesty and thoroughness in all we did. Not minding the huge age difference, Dr Sanusi would often  find it expedient to seek advice and opinion from anyone  on areas where he thinks he required better expertise or knowledge. Little wonder he has remained undiminished in knowledge even as he ages.Just as he may be difficult to impress, based on his huge, diverse knowledge and experience, Dr Sanusi would give credits to his subordinates where they got it right. I will not forget a day during his tenure as he invited me to his office to inquired which course I studied in the university. Not knowing what was running through his mind, I told him I studied Political Science. He retorted by saying “you studied Political Science, and not English?”. “I am impressed, you write impeccably well”, he retorted. I was head swollen and motivated. Great leaders spark the leadership fire in their followers and that's what Dr Sanusi does! 
A highly respected Board Room icon and conflict manager, Dr Sanusi etched his prominence on the Governing Board of the Council as he made his voice counted any time thorny issues were tabled before the Council amines  that could lead to its disintegration. Many looked out for his opinion and Midas touch to move on and he never failed in this expectations.
Dr Sanusi is frank and erudite; little wonder he often added significant input into professional and technical committees of the Council as a member and Chairman as the case may be. No one could take away his adroitness in handling or presiding over  effective meetings and issues table before any committee he chairs. The younger professionals learn a lot from his rich repertoire of knowledge horned over the years in several reputable institutions where he had worked before setting up his own firm-Cosmic Insurance Brokers Ltd.  

 Dr Sanusi's larger than life posture no doubt drew several professionals to willingly come together to help facilitate the making of his month long 80th birthday celebrations  remarkable, even without prompting them. His generosity, anchored on the belief that "no one becomes poorer by giving" dictated how he had often marked his landmark birthdays of which this is not different. Instead of partying, as many preferred to do,  Dr Sanusi has chosen today as another day to give hope to the hopeless. He would be at the Lions Club Eye Centre, Ota, Ogun State, built by him as District Governor of the Lions Club International to give eye glasses to those that could not afford it, among other philanthropic activities. He would also be giving his autobiography "Oddysey of a Trojan" free of charge to the public. The book is a must read! 
There is probably no better opportunity to celebrate this great gift to our Council and  humanity than on this auspicious occasion of his 80th birthday today. Since the holy Bible says that “the path of the righteous is as a shining light that shines more and more unto a perfect day”, the President of our Council, Mr Rotimi Edu,mni, FCIB is joining multitude of other well wishers to pray the Almighty God to continue to grace Dr Sanusi's  life with the blessings of perfect health, graceful ageing and good reward for all his solid labours for humanity even as he joins the proud league of the Octogenarians..
Congratulations, Sir.

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