Monday, May 29, 2023

CUAB FEST 4.0 - MAKES A DIFFERENCE By: Teslima Jimoh .

Exciting Weeklong Event Ignites Passion and a sense of community  at Crescent  University.

Brings Together Students, Faculties, and Experts for a Week of Fun, Games, Education and Inspiration.

By: Teslima Jimoh , 200 Level Mass Communication,  Crescent  Varsity.

CUAB Fest, the most anticipated event in Crescent University; a week-long experience, combining fun, games, seminars, training, excursions and many other events was has come and gone,  but the memories of the event will sure linger in the minds of the students for a long time to come

In the week-long activities, each Department had an opportunity to display their original events, which were open to both members and non-members of the respective departments.

CUABFEST 4.0 , which marked the fourth year of the eventful student week in a row kicked off at Crescent University, Abeokuta on the 20th May, 2023, with the  Department of Architecture taking the lead with ‘COLOUR FEST’, a festival of music, colours, fun and games.

 The Colour Fest was free for members of the department, but students from other departments were asked to pay a token for entrance and participation. The event sure lived up up the billings as  the fun and enjoyment was delivered in plenti-folds and this made the event to  remain on the lips of attendees days after.

MACOSA, The Mass Communication Student Association, followed suit with a picnic which had games, music, dancing, food and networking opportunities for students. 

The Department of Economics also  held a horror movie show with popcorn, drinks and entertainment, while the Department of Computer Science held a picnic on the field in front of the main auditorium with pictures display the following day, thereby leaving people who failed to attend, wishing that they did.There was also an  excursion to Olumo rock and Ogun Tech Hub, which was educative and fun, to say the least.

The 22nd of May brought about the beginning of the educative section of the events, where different departments held seminars, which were anchored by guest speakers, some of which included former students of the university who had gone out to become impressive members of the society. 

Some of the lectures include ‘Effect of ICT on Capital Market Accounting in Nigeria’ by MR Lasis I.O, ‘Building a Career in the World of Content Creation’ by Mr Adeola Yusuf, ‘Emerging Trends in Computer Science’ to name a few. These seminars were not only informative, but also gave the students an opportunity to be inspired by alumnus.

Thereafter, flliers for different businesses that intended to make sales at the trade, fair, which was part of the weeklong event started popping up as companies were advertising their products and getting customers ready for the big event.

Later,  a student Summit was held on the 25th of May,  with the title ‘Making a difference in the 21st Century’, thereby  giving the student a platform to not only speak out but to be heard as well. 

Hitheror, the importance of giving students an opportunity to voice their opinions was severely underrated, but the event made all the differences. Not  only did it have a segment where different guests spoke about ways we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE  but the summit provided an avenue for students to speak.

On the 26th of May, Red Bull sponsored the Inter School Sports competition,which was hosted by Crescent University. At the competition, Crescent University Football team played OLS United, resulting in a win for Crescent University at Two goals to One. The imoirtajt thing was that both teams played well and everyone had a good time while the refreshments flowed.

The long awaited Bonfire night, Trade fair and Talent hunt thereafter came  upon us, on the  27th of May. At this event, different Stands sold different products ranging from food to accessories, scarves to abayas, drinks to cosmetics, while the  students were entertained by the DJ, DJ Salam, as the sales went on.

The anchor Akintoye Wahab and different students were also able to showcase  their talents. As night drew near, the students held a minute of silence for those they had lost and lit a bonfire as the party continued.

The last day of CUAB Fest, the Cultural night, had people dressing in their finest and getting ready from daybreak in anticipation of the night of fun and festivities. From the hour of 3pm, you could spot several students leaving their hostels in groups, heading to the venue in their finest outfits. A booth was set up at the entrance of the auditorium, where people took pictures with their friends in their different cultural attires  before heading in for the event. 

Part of the highpoint of the event was the presentation of Awards to different categories, which had been voted for, prior to the event, and thereafter, music was played and food was shared.

In the final analysis, CUAB fest 4.0 was an overall success, many thanks to the dedication and contributions of the EXCOS of each department, who came together to plan the event, and the students who helped to organise, implement and attend the event. Together they were able to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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