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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Building A Holy Temple for God

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Building A Holy Temple  for  God

Today, there are so many Churches being established with the Cross as a symbol. The big  question is where does God actually dwell according to the Bible ? We do hope we will understand what it means to build a temple of God in this present time a d age.

Where Does God dwell in the Old Testament? In the old testament, God commanded Moses to build a tabernacle for him to dwell among the israelites.  Exodus 25:8-9. 1st Corinthian 22: 7-9.

Another question is, why does God need a dwelling place among men . Does he not create the world itself?
Aso in the period of King's, e.g King Solomon  and King David, we mist take a look at  what transpired. 

King David tried as much as he could to build  a Permanent abode for God. Thus, in  the time of Moses, people were moving and changing the alter of God as they migrate from one place to the other.  But, the building of a Permanent plce of worship for God  was a significant and remarkable event in the period  of the old testament. 

Let's see what happened in the New Testsment. Hebrew 8:5. Will be instructive... If the reality appeared to us, how do we know what it is ?).

This takes us to the time of the first coming of the Saviour - Jesus Christ. 

Act 7: 44-50... From this scripture, God does not live in a dwelling or house made by men.. But, in this case, we need to clear the misunderstanding. The truth is , there is a way that God works.. He is trying to teach  us little by little so that we do not misunderstanding his ways. If God doesn't live in a place made by men..Where does God live in the real sense of the Word?

John 2 18-22.. This is where Jesus said he would destroy the earthly temple and rebuild it in three days..And, the temple he was referring to was his body, and remember our body is said to be the temple of God. The Jews thought he was going to destroy the temple they spent about 46 years ro build.

So,the temple here in reality and spiritually was  the body of Jesus Christ.. So, the temple God dwelled In the first coming of Jesus was Jesus whose God dwelled in.

Mathew 3:16-17 . Also, relate with the story of when Jesus was being baptised. John 14:8-11.. Conversation between Philips and Jesus ..Jesus said anyone that had seen me had seen the father.For, I am In the Father, and the father is in me..The work that which I do is  through the  father dwelling in me. He who had seen me has seen the father ..Please ,note Jesus never said he was God, but that God was working through him and they had become one. And, he promised us that if we dwell with him , we become a whole body with him  and God.

What is the Dwelling of  God in this present time ( The Second Coming Christ)

The Bible  is saying , the dwelling of Christ is not the Physucal building, but we ourselves are God's temple... You are the temple,. If anyone destroys the temple, God will destroy him. If we are the temple of God, then the spirit of God will dwell in us 

Also,, we all go to Church, but if our inner heart is not welcoming God, what is the essence of going to Church  Remember, God is the word of God.God of the words and words of the words.. So, we need a lot of retrospection on this.. Also, we should not only be the temple of God , we should be the holy temple. How can we make ourselves to be the Holy temple of God ?  Proverbs 24:3-4...  

We must prepare ourselves to be the Holy temple,  where God can come and dwell... How much more efforts should we make , when we know the kind of temple God wants to dwell in .We must therefore know how God wants his temple to be built.We should build ourselves to be the temple of God..All the instructions are in the Bible.. We should not lean  on our understandings.

How can how build the temple that God really wants. You should be obedient and make your body sacred for his to dwell in; shun sins and all forms of immorality,  maintain a clean art,  make it work...

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NOTE: This Sermon is a  transcription from the Bible Class hosted by  Zion Christian  Mission Center for Advanced Classes in Bible Training.

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