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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Nigerians don't tell positive stories about the country - Sarafa Isola

The Nigerian Ambassador to the United Kingdom,Chief Sarafa Tunji Isola has lamented the fact that Nigerians most often than not do not tell positive stories about themselves, their country especially their leaders, saying Nigerians are quick to condemn than commend.

These lack of sense of patriotism according  to him are part of the  factors that slow down development of the country.

Ambassador Isola who spoke at a  breakfast business meeting in London  facilitated by Apostle Lawrence Achudume in collaboration with  
Pomegranate Nigeria Limited held at Intercontinental Hotel at 02, London said on the contrary,Nigerians are hardworking, intelligent and goal getters.

 "W e are entrepreneurs, we are adventurers,so push agenda for values and tell good stories to make a difference", he said.

" I feel proud, I raise my head high anywhere in the world as a proud Nigerian."

Ambassador Isola further  said : " There is that spirit called the Nigerian spirit which are resilience, hardworking and innovative, but the problem is that Nigerians don't tell postive stories about  themselves."

While Admonishing Nigerians to believe in themselves and the  country and confess positive things about the country, Ambassador  isola said: 
 " Why should you allow other people to tell your stories for you as Nigerians? The  social media should be used positively instead of using it for mis- information, falsehood, and have truth"

" The world is so diverse and there is need to break the walls, there should  be a paradigm shift from consumption to production. Nigeria is a place to go for investment", he added.

According to him, there is nothing wrong in people criticising their leaders, saying,  however, that  criticism must be in corrective ways.

 "Criticism must be in corrective ways; people must have positive approach to nation building."

Speaking on the essence of the breakfast meeting, Ambassador Isola said networking is important to business development as no business can thrive without partnership, adding that Nigeria is a place to go  for investment.

The Lead Pastor of the Victory Life Bible Church International, Apostle Lawrence  Achudume in a remark  said nobody can build the  country except Nigerians. 

" Do not think of western nations in the development of Africa.The Western Media will not advertise the country, all they will do is  bad publicity  to make you hate your country." 

According to him, while Nigerians are moving out in the spirit of Japa syndrome, many foreigners are coming to invest in the country.

He called on Nigerians in diaspora to focus on investment instead of social activities like weddings,burials ,birthdays among others.

" This is time  to re- channel resources to profitable ventures. Stop thinking of what is going wrong in the Nation and start thinking about what is good for the various sectors of the economy.  It is time to put ideas together and contribute to Nation building;there are many opportunities waiting to build a virile Nation", he said.

Guests  Speakers, Wole Elusakin, Chief Executive  Officer, Pomegranate Nigeria Limited  and Ahmed Lawal, Managing Director Wealthbridge posited that entrepreneurs rule the world noting that Nigerians abroad should surround themselves with quality people and professionals who will expose them to opportunities that can bring favourable returns from investment. 

According to them ,there are many opportunities  to be explored in real estate, hospitality sector, education, transportation among others.

The speakers further opined  that the current administration is opened to partnership with the business community,  pointing out that the opportunity should be maximally utilised.

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