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Monday, September 11, 2023

FUNAAB Debunks False Claims Regarding Muslim Students' Lecture Attendance

The authorities of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), are vehemently refuting the recent online narratives suggesting that the university is obstructing Muslim students from attending lectures.

The announcement comes in response to various online reports, primarily circulating on social media platforms, particularly X (formerly known as Twitter).

Addressing these baseless allegations, the Deputy Registrar, Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Moses Ayanda, categorically stated that the story is a product of imagination, misinformation and disinformation disseminated by the purveyors of these online messages.

According to him, “As of today, September 11, 2023, the university observed no actions or policies that hindered any student, including Muslim students, from attending lectures. Students were observed freely entering and exiting various lecture rooms without any impediment”.

Furthermore, Mr. Ayanda emphasized that FUNAAB has absolutely no intention to rusticate any student, regardless of their religious beliefs or affiliations, as long as they adhere to the existing regulations on the Dress Code, which have been in effect since 2017.

In light of this clarification, FUNAAB reaffirms its commitment to providing an inclusive and conducive environment for all students, irrespective of their background or faith, to pursue their academic endeavours without any form of discrimination.

The university urges all students and stakeholders to rely on credible information sources and official communication channels for accurate and up-to-date information regarding the institution's policies and activities.

Meanwhile, FUNAAB is a renowned institution of higher learning committed to academic excellence, research, extension service, and the holistic development of its students. With a diverse and inclusive community, FUNAAB remains dedicated to fostering an environment where students from all backgrounds can thrive and achieve their academic aspirations.

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