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Friday, October 20, 2023

I have no regrets heeding the call of God even as I turned 80- Bishop Bisi Ademosu

Eighty years in the life  of  any human being no doubt is a milestone as it is a year of fulfillment and great joy for those whom God has granted the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of their life. This is because life is full of challenges and many people who had wished to make it till such glorious age never had the opportunity.   

Thus, turning 80 for Bishop Bisi Ademosu, the Primate  Spiritual father and Founder of the Holy Mount Jieawowrrah, Ikosi quarters,Odogbolu, Ogun State was a defining moment in his life. As a result, he remained eternally greatful to his creator for bringing him thus  far in life  and not only that, but for  allowing him to serve him till his riped age.

According to him, many people had wished to lived till this age, but God did not grant them the wish. He is therfore  grateful that God did not only grant his wish of living till old age; he also blessed him with good health and make him to be a success in his ministry.Bishop Ademosu has therfore continued to express gratitude to God for an eventful life in the vineyard of God. 

Thus, when he was contacted to book an interview  and at the same time felicitate with him on this milestone,  Bishop Ademosu was  full of joy and radiating with happiness as he  spoke with  newsmen on the sideline of his 80th birthday.

Recalling his journey thirough life, he said having been born to a Christian family, he was always following his father to Church and observing the routine. Along the line he knew he had the call and he later  went for the tutelage and after  some times around 1974 the work of God commenced fully. This is however not without some level of adamancy.

The Octogenarian who spent more than  half of his eventful life in the vineyard of God as a Shepherd said  if he had know how sweet, glorious and rewarding it could be to serve God, he would have heeded the  call earlier than he did.

According to him, like any other people who would first resist the call of God, he was reluctant and somehow ran  away from the call persistently. At a point, he ran to Ghana and God brought  him back to Nigeria, especially after he lost a lot of things which  made him to come to the realisation that he had to heed the call. 

 " If I had  known that this is how sweet  it is to serve God, I would have started the work of God earlier. I would not have delayed  at all. Let me use this opportunity  to call on those who have a genuine call from God to stop procrastinating and heed the call it is rewarding and reassuring"",  he said.

He warned that when people  failed to heed the call of God , the like of punishment as suffered by Jonah who spent three days in the belly of fish when he was sent to Nineveh awaits  them, urging people not to toy with the calling of God in their lives. 

Bishop Ademosu who was elated for the tremendous growth his Ministry had recorded since inception said from an humble beginning, the Mount Jieawowrrah  prayer city has become a global mission which keeps waxing stronger and  maintains its presence in different parts of the world as it has  functional branches  in the United Kingdoom, United States of America , Canada and Germany , while the church  also has no less than 16 functional branches in Nigeria alone. 

Expressing his confidence that the vineyard  of God he was given the mandate and the grace to found cannot be desolate when he eventually joins his creator, Bishop  Ademosu said his mission had been blessed with a lot of people who are anointed  men of God and have even became Bishop in their own rights, saying even if God wanted to take his life tomorrow, he is very confident that they will uphold the gospel and  make it as glorious as it used to be .

The Prmate of Primate and  Founder of the  Jieawowrrah All Saints Church of Christ,  Aladura, Bishop  Samuel Ademosu  said the work of God has continued to blossom as miracles and healing have been performed on the mountain especially during the well attended annual gathering of the mountain  which normally  featured vigil, words from the pulpit, exhortation, dancing and singing to melodious tunes and cleansing of the soul through spiritual uplifting exercises. He said so far, so good the Mount Jieawowrrah by December this year would have existed for 45 years.

When asked about the meaning of the word, Jieawowrrah,  Primate Ademosu said it is a divine name and  a covenant between  him and God, saying  the most important thing is that the name has been synonymous with miracles, healing and breakthrough since he moved to Odogbolu to notify his parents of his intention to start the work of God.

According to Bishop despite the seemingly gloomy future ahead of the nation state, Nigerians should  not   loose hope nor despair, as better days are ahead, provided they continue to seek the face of God and Obey his commandments. He said Nigeria will still be great and God will raise leaders that will be very patriotic and have the mercy of the common man. He said he is very optimistic that Nigeria will be great because the Problem that Nigeria goes through has consumed many countries, yet Nigeria remains stading and it will continue to wax stronger despite the challenges confronting her people.

Bishop Ademosu  who said God wants Nigerians to continually seek his face, assured that better  days are ahead, even as he urged Politicians to put God  first in   their endeavours. He urged the leaders to be more dedicated ro the welfare of the people, noting that people are going through a lot. He called on the leaders to ensure that the live of the people is paramount in their heat, saying a situation whereby peolle after spending 35 years in service retired and were not able to get their benefits is uncalled for and it is expedient that government should work to reverse such ugly situation.

He appreciate friends, family and colleagues who have been of immense help to the Church for standing by him in his sojourn, while praying that rhe face of God will continue to abide by them..

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