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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Independence: Achudume calls for attitudinal change,wants the youths to take their destinies in their own hands

The Lead Pastor and Founder of the Victory  Life Bible Church International, Apostle Lawrence Achudume has blamed the current state of the nation  on bad leadership and empty promises by the political class who have succeded in milking the nation dry and therefore called for attitudinal change across all strata of the  society, even as he called on the youths to rise to the occasion.

According to Apostle  Achudume, it is saddened that the problem confronting the over 200 million Nigerians is as a result of  the undoing of just mere 1 % of the population who are the political gladiators feeding fat on the nations wealth.

Apostle Achudume who went prayerful and philosophical observed " Nigeria, my beloved country, a  nation blessed by God. The wickedness of vain men will not stop you from becoming great in the comity  of nations as you were meant to be; your citizens will be great; we will not be a source of mockery because of less than 1% evil men and some mis-fit in government. Nigerians  will  rejoice and be at peace." 

The Founder of the Victory Life Bible Church  International who spoke against the backdrop of the 63rd independence anniversary of the  country specifically  called on the youths  to take their destinies in their own hands as  the current crop of leaders have failed them, saying they should rather focus more on God.

" It is disheartening these days to note that our youths mostly rely on the social media which has succeeded in ruining the lives of majority of them. The youths should rather  focus more on God and take care of their future as no government can completely take them to the promised land".

While calling on the youths to be more determined and proactive to build a better future,  he reminded them that most past leaders such as General Yakubu Gowon took the mantle of leadership as youths 

"The future is not tommorow, the future is now. Nigeria youths should not postpone their manifestation.  Many have management skills that can turn the nation's fortune around", he submitted.

According to him Nigerian youths have what it takes to emerge as future leaders as they are 
Intelligent, and  resourcesful, but government need to create an enabling environment for them to actualize  their dreams and aspirations.

Speaking further Apostle  Achudiume posited that  in the last 63 years, the nations political journey has been laced with unmet  promises which ended 
 up in bad road network, infrastructural decay, economic  downturn and hopelessness.

" The current  hardship being experienced across the length and breadth of the nation is another in the series of bad omen being packaged as political promises to hoodwinked the electorate and there  is the  need therefore for everyone to say no to these failed promises".
Apostle Achudume who expressed  the hope that the nation can still be great again however wants the entire citizenry to take their future into their own hands and stop leaning on false hopes and promises  as being handed to them by the political class.

The man of God called on  the electorate to rise up to the occasion and work towards electing good leaders observing  that the electorate should no longer depend on leaders who make promises they can not  fulfill and embark on projects they can not complete.

" As the popular saying goes, a nation gets the type of leaders it deserves, it is high time the electorate begin to ask questions and also embark on soul searching to see to it that everyone is playing their part as expected ad there is the  needed for attitudinal change by all and sundry for the nation to again experience greatness, he concluded.

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