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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Ovation to a Rare Breed: Akanji Ganiyu Olaniyi. By Idris Katib

"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things"
- Leonardo Da Vinci

Akanji Olaniyi is a rare breed with deep knowledge not only in Physics and Mathematics but also in Language use and specially in Literature. He is versed in newswriting, poetry composition and literary appreciation. This multi-disciplinary talent has endeared him to scholars and professionals of language, communication and even science which is his constituency.

The moment you come in contact with him, you easily feel the oozing of  wisdom, knowledge and understanding of science and other phenomenons.  His aura, words, steps actions and interactions manifest mien of an excellent interpersonal communicator.

This gentleman has over the years sufficiently aided the job of Public Relations in  Crescent University Abeokuta through his voluntary and restless promotional activities both online and offline. He, in conjunction with his think-tank, is the brain behind "Physics Day", an open day lecture/seminar that has been deployed upcoming  scientists for university admissions.

Olaniyi it was who conceived the editorial idea of CONAS Update, a newsletter of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences of Crescent University under the leadership of Dr Mrs Jadesola Sanusi. He is a collaborator of numerous business ideas for the youths and future leaders. He is the brain behind _The Potentiate_ , a platform that brings together brilliant minds from different sectors. He was also the brain behind the rested news and marketing platform, _Leavestory_ . Olaniyi discovers early talents in youngsters and nurture them to become future stars. 

A multi-disciplinary scholar, Akanji Olaniyi is the promoter of _Literari Village_ , a platform where scholars and upcoming talents can showcase their poems, essays, tributes, speeches and other literary works. He loves to catch the talent young as he now currently scouts for them right from secondary schools up to the university.

When he speaks, he does so calmly, persuasively and intelligently to convey his views. When he writes, he is modest with words except on very deep areas of Physics, Mathematics and Engineering which may need a distilling by an uninitiated like yours truly. As a team worker, he would not lord his ideas over other team members but experiment the usefulness of such models.

Scientist, scholar, thinker, writer, editor, blogger, bookworm and bibliophile, Akanji Ganiyu Olaniyi is a delightful teacher and companion any day, anything, anywhere.

May you count many more days, months and years of bliss in the land of the living.

Welcome to another landmark in the land of the living.

Happy birthday sir.

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