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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Strengthen NHIS to curtail untimely death , CMD cautions federal government.

The Chief Medical Director of Omo Arewa  Health Care Foundation, Dr Akinbola Akin-Olusanya has urged the federal  government to work towards strengthening the National Health Insurance Scheme(NHIS) in order to curtail untimely death among the generality of  the populace.

Dr Akin- Olusanya expressed sadness at the rate people are dying due to their inability to access medical care, especially those who do not  have access to the resources that those in positions of authority have. 

Dr. Akin- Olusanya who was the Chairman of the occasion at the launch of a book entitled " My Preganancy Journal in Abeokuta on friday said the high cost  of drugs in the current economy is also a major   cause  for concern. 

He said ,"Looking at the innocent and poor people and the rate of death among them,I feel there is a lot of things the government can do to make  sure that the populace are not just dying like flies".

On the need for the government to strengthen the National Health Insurance Scheme,Dr Akin- Olusanya said though the government is making  frantic efforts to ensure that people get enlisted into the NHIS, but  expressed concern about how long it would take for such  to get to the majority of the people.

"Obviously, the government is doing the needful now, they want everyone to be on board of NHIS,the National  Health Insurance Scheme ,but that obviously is herculean. When does it come to reality is the question? They are starting it; we are grateful but we can still do more", he said.

Dr Akin- Olusanya who also took a swipe on  the younger generation for the Neglect of reading culture, urged  Nigerian to reduce the time they are spending on the social media and try to read for a change.

He lamented the fact that even Doctors and nurses hardly read to update themselves, saying this is not good for the advancement of the society .

" Most of the time, I have seen  a lot of people, especially Doctors and Nurses do not read again. With this kind of attitude, we have a lot of problems on our hands. If you are not getting information through reading, you won't be getting informed", the CMD lamented.

The Author, ibukunoluwa Adeyanju who is also the promoter  of Blessed Mom, a Community of Women coming together with a common goal of reminding every woman of how blessed, strong and courageous she is ,regardless of the experience at different  stages of life said she was motivated to write the book during her first pregnancy due to the fact that she wanted to keep.records of all her experiences.

According to her the book is a self-use planner  that has been carefully designed in a perfect way to capture all thoughts, feelings,each and every memory while on the journey of pregnancy,saying each page is guided throughout the period of pregnancy from the 1st to the 40th week with self use prompt.

The book Reviewer,Dr Ameenat Ahmed said the pregnancy journal is a well researched book that can be used as a research tool to improve on service delivery.

The highpoint of the event was the cutting of the launch cake.

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