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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Why I Authoured My Pregnancy Journal - Ibukunoluwa Adeyanju

Ibukunoluwa Temitope ADEYANJU is a wife, mother, a registered Nurse , a Humanitarian and an Entrepreneur.

She teaches women on how to incorporate positive and healthy habits into their lives. She also develops programmes and materials that promote wellness, and encourage the women to make healthy decisions.

She is the promoter of The Blessed Mom borne out of the passion she has to help mothers, irrespective of their status in the journey of motherhood, to raise Kingdom Babies, helping TTC mothers to be strong even in their waiting period and to maintain a godly family and attain optimal health while at it. To cap up her humanitarian gesture, she recently authored a book entitled " My Pregnacy Journal" in which  she discusses sundry issues relating to womanhood, pregnancy  and rasing Godly children. The Business Package met with this entrepreneurial oriented mother and a Registered Nurse. Excerpts

Q: Writing book for those who know, is a tedious exercise and we are in an environment where people hardly reads and the excitement about writing has continued to dwindled by the day, what is your motivation to chosing this path ?

A: Motivation plays an important role in achievement of any goal. 
Even though, it’s not a child’s play, I was determined to put my pen to paper to write the Journal when the inspiration came and I wanted to help a number of pregnant women keep track of their pregnancy journey 

Q: You are a serial professional based on your curriculum,vitae and you are adept at what you do, why do some women find it difficult to pursue their dreams,thereby making them subservient and sometimes an instrument of oppression;can you shed light on how women can live a purposeful life?

A: One of the major reasons many women don't pursue their goals is  lack of confidence. It's time to let go of the self-sabotage and negative self-talk that keeps us from reaching our full potential.Women can live a purposeful and productive life by having a reflection upon where you have been, the events that have shaped who you are today, and the future you imagine for yourself.

Q; You are the convener of " Blessed Mom", give us a load down of what this actually entails and how it is structured and being actualized?

A: The Blessed Mom is a community of Women coming together with a common goal of reminding every woman of how blessed, strong and courageous she is. Regardless of the experiences at different stages of life. A woman is priceless and she will win.
At The Blessed Mom, we are also involved in Women’s Health and Wellness,  empowerment and advocacy respectively.

Q:  The book " My Pregnacy  Journal", what is the motivation for it; what do you hope to achieve and how is the book to be put to use for the intended users  to derive maximum benefits ?

A: There are many feelings and emotions that come with being pregnant. I was motivated to write My Pregnancy Journal during my first pregnancy due to the fact that I wanted to keep record of all my experiences like the first time baby kicked and so on.My pregnancy planner journal is a self use planner that has been meticulously crafted in a perfect way to capture all your thoughts, feelings & each and every memory while you're on this journey. Each page is guided throughout the period of pregnancy from the 1st to the 40th week with self use prompts.
Q: Give us an insight into the book, My Pregnacy  Journal.

A: "My Pregnancy Journal!" Is a beautiful and functional journal to help you capture the unique experiences of pregnancy. 

"My Pregnancy Journal" has been meticulously crafted as a self-use prompt, allowing expectant mothers to capture and cherish every precious moment and experience throughout the pregnancy. It is designed to empower and guide women through this extraordinary journey of motherhood, irrespective of their status or circumstances.

The journey of motherhood is a sacred one, and "The Blessed Mom" is devoted to providing unwavering support and guidance along this remarkable path.

Q: Raising godly children seem to be an impossible task these days, even as our value system has become fully eroded, what is your take on this and how can the society be assisted to get back to her old style of parenthood ?   6. Comment on parenthood in the 21st century. 

A: The Holy Book teaching in psalm 127:3 NKJV “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward.” This shows that raising Godly children are primarily important thing to deal with in any generation. Despite all odds in raising Godly children in this generation we as intentional parents can do these things in helping to shape and nurture our kids to that level that we want them to attain spiritually.By Setting of good examples, Letting them ask questions,Teaching them God's word,
Letting them know being an outcast for Christ is okay,Teaching them to value themselves and others,Keeping the lines of communication open.
The greatest legacy one can leave is not necessarily wealth acquired, but the quality of life one is able to give one's children.The 21st-century children are inquisitive by nature.They are always fond of asking questions and seeking ways of getting answers to things that are not clear or logical to them.In order to be an effective parent to this kind of child, you must always be ahead of them. You want to be always prepared to give simple yet logical and reasonable answers or explanations to their questions. If you don’t get miles ahead of your child in terms of information and other happenings in society, you may be on the verge of exposing them to the wrong hands.

Q: The Internet has come with a lot of possibilities for the youths; it has created a pool of youths known as netizen who are daily making inroads into the World Wide Web and sometimes making fortunes, while at the same time,it has created a set of youths who are more or less cyber bullies and criminals, would you say the Internet is a blessing or cause to the society, especially in terms of raising godly children?

 A: We cannot deny the fact the internet has a high impact on our society today and our kids are definitely not left out. The Internet 
has revolutionized the way we communicate, access information, and conduct business, but it also has its downsides, including privacy concerns, addiction, and the spread of misinformation. Intentional parents must look beyond all these and raise Godly children regardless.

Q:  Reading culture has become almost non existence,what do you think can be done to revive it, give a prescription to the government, patents and other stakeholders?

A: Reading is the bedrock of the curriculum and is paramount to a anyone’s personal, social, and academic success, as well as their general wellbeing  but unfortunately it is almost non existent because of the advent of technology.The government should make libraries easily accessible to the general public if we really want to improve the reading culture while parents must also ensure that their wards are being taught to read books 

Q: What are  the important of reading to national development?

A: Reading is essential to individual development and national development strategy. With the improvement of technologies and the advent of emerging reading media, reading ability has gradually become indispensable for teenagers to develop their personalities, obtain knowledge and promote their social development.

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