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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Let's collectively promote the brand called Nigeria- Odutola, Ogun PPRO

The Ogun State Police Public Relations  Officer, SP Omolola Odutola has urged Nigerians across all strata of the society to stop demarketing the country through negative utterances and derogatory statements.

SP Odutola who spoke as guest at the March Business Meeting of the Ogun State Chapter of the Nigeria Institute  of Public Relations lamented the fact that collectively Nigerians have damaged the reputation of the  brand called Nigeria through negative attitudes,  criminal actions,utterances and dispositions, calling for reorientation and attitudinal change to restore the glory of the nation.   

The Ogun Police Spokeperson who said a few media practitioners also contributed to the problem through the promotion of negative reports about the country,  challenged members of the NIPR  as reputation managers to lead the crusade in terms  of promoting positive reportage about the brand called Nigeria, saying as Public Relations practitioners, we should promote positive reporting at all times. 

Odutola said:" Collectively, we have  damaged the Brand called  Nigeria..As a PR person, the core priority is to drive home a point, by sensitizing people without steering panic, anxiety or fear, rather,when promoting a brand, take note of the emotions of your target audience. 

Successfully, PR practitioners,should lead the crusade of projecting the  Nigerian brand in positive light."

Speaking on the spate of kidnapping  terrorism, banditry and other crimes in the country, Odutola blamed  parents , neighbors , landlords,friends, who fail to report suspicious sudden Wealth.

 She urged Nigerians to volunteer anonymous credible information to the Nigerian police through various dedicated feedback channels.

According to her, the society must form alliance with the police by tilting toward reforms that will root out crime. 

"A policeman you willfully condemn and disdain , will be hesitant to protect you.The criminals have taken advantage of lack of support for the police to prey on innocent citizens,"  Odutola stated. 

On the use of technology to fight crimes, the Ogun Police Image Manager said  synchronisation of SIM cards are essential ,which means that there will be something unique to every Nigerians, saying when that is done, there would be a unique phone number to each person trackable to National Identity Number and every other information will be linked to the data base of the NCC.

Accordingl to her , Nigerians are endowed with tech savvy young persons who are willing to provide such technology.

" If we use GPS system, every Nigerian citizen would be traceable through spatial location." 

She further emphasized that ,as long as we are able to track the electronic serial number, on mobile devices,whatsapp crimes can also be tracked.

"Criminal hide under the delusion that WhatsApp messages or calls cannot be tracked ,unfortunately for criminals, the Nigeria Police has progressively stepped up and technologies to apprehend criminals hidden beneath the sea are available."

" For Nigeria to be policed  through the use of  technology, it is imperative that there should be uninterrupted power supply and availability of a masted system , whatever social infrastructure is available in Lagos, must be replicated in hinterland,and until there is techy literacy,  a conducive environment, where “scavengers will not frustrate the government provision of amenities , in light of the truism that it is set in place for the mutual enjoyment for all. 

Odutola further said for Nigeria to have a  vibrant police force, Nigerians must applaud the efforts of the police by a change of orientation and perception that, the police is empowered to maintain law and order, to protect Nigerians, as against the faulty believe that policemen are unyielding.

She assured that the Nigeria police is now a new brand, and a marketable brand, capable of delivering its best with the right support from Nigerians

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