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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Meet Oke Johnson, MAPOLY Undergraduate, innovator of Adire Ties and Pocket Scarves

In this age and time when most graduates roam the street un-end looking for rather non- existing white collar job and in an era where hope is almost lost as regards the future of the younger generation of youths, owing to the fact that a whole lot of them have taken to crime and criminality,especially, cyber crime, this young man has chosen to tow a different  path as he turns his creativity  and passion to goldmine.

Welcome to the world of  Oke Johnson, a final year Mass Communication undergraduate of  the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, (MAPOLY) Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Who innovates the production of ties and pocket scarves for fashionisters with Adire fabrics. Oke whose brand name is 'Talking Fingers' relates the story behind his innovativeness in this encounter with 'The Business Package'. Excerpts.

Talking Fingers is your brand name, what do you do and what does this actually mean?

Talking Fingers is a concept that deals with fashion and fashion consultancy. Mode of dressing and combination of appropriate colors.

What gave you the inspiration to start this trade?

God gave me the inspiration with the thought of elevating our culture in a unique way and also imbibe decent dressing into the minds of the youth.

In terms of acceptability and patronage, how would you rate the reception of your  brand by the larger society?

In terms of acceptability, a whole lot of people key into it, they love the concept and they wish to be a part of it. In terms of patronage, so far, 50% of my audience have turn up in getting the product.

What are your plans for expansion?

I have big plans for expansion and this started the day I began producing. And this can be achieve through social media platforms and more hands fitting in into different segments of the production (workers).

You are still a student, how do you combine your academic work with the demands of your trade?

Well, I have been prioritizing so far balancing the two together, not minding the risk because there are times I skip class to attend business hangout. 

As a start- up what has been the challenges faced  in this line of business?

Finance took the major aspect while workers are few - for now, my workers constitute my siblings and my Mum who happens to be a Fashion designer.

Looking around you, you must have seen your contemporary who are into drugs and run after easy money, becoming Yahoo, Yahoo exponents and internet fraudsters, why did you chose to tow this path instead?

Maybe because I was raised from a Godly home and I'm aware of the consequences - so the spirit of God in me showed a path which I can tow.

What in your own view is responsible for the negative descent of the youths of these days being a youth yourself?

I will say their background, where they emanated from and also their level of exposure, most especially when parent don't take a vantage point of their children's character and their moves, so they tend to go wild.

What was growing up like?

Well,  was  not born with a silver spoon, but my parents work tirelessly to give me the best.

What is your philosophy of life?

To live a creative life, we must loose the fear of being wrong.

What is your advice to your peers especially people of easy virtue?

My advice to them is whatever idea they have in their mind, they should seize this opportunity they have now to implement it because ones you don't start it, someone else will.

What is your final take? 

On a final note, I will like to say, what ever your hand find doing, do it well.

How to contact you?

My whatsapp number is 07033371439. Across all platforms: Talkingfingas_concepts & Adiretie_accessories for the various designs on Instagram.

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