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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Pelican estate partners Michael Shittu, a foremost Paint Manufacturer

As the profile of Pelican Valley Estate continue to rise with more and more indigenous and foreign counterparts showing interest in the sprawling real estate firm, a foremost Paint Manufacturer, Mr. Michael Shittu has joined the fray.

The Business Package  gathered that the business mogul who has put in over thirty years experience in paint manufacturing business berth at the Pelican Valley Estate site to savour the beautiful scenery of the choice estate and perhaps enter into a partnership with the Chief Executive Officer,  Mr. Tunde Adeyemo whose dream and commitment to building a monumenal real estate firm has been phenomenal. 

This is because Pelican Valley Estate has a comparative advantage of the provision exceptional  of site and services around the estate which is housed in a gated community with good security , recreational and relaxation arrangements.

The visit as gathered by The Business Package present an opportunity for the paint manufacturer who has heard a lot about the good Fortune of the estate and the exceptional customer service it provided  to also take a chunk of the ambience provided by the estate with it's beautiful landscape, especially with  the current unusual opportunity it portends as a residential area esecially with it's closeness to the railway terminus in Abeokuta .

It is also a unique opportunity for the owner of the estate to enlist the service of a professional paint manufacturer of over thirty years to ensure that additional professional service is provided to owners of property within the estate.

 Thus, the visit to us is more than a mere sight seeing as it  presents a win win situation just as  it is expected that positive vibes will be the outcome of this great partnership opportunity. 

When two men of uncommon idealogy nad business acumen come together on an occasion like this, only discernible minds can imagine the kind of fresh ideas that will berth. 

Thus, for existing property owners and prospective customers of the estate, it is no doubt a positive omen, seeing such partnership being consummated .

It is on record that while Pelican already has a number of creme de la cream from different parts of the state and beyond who appreciates the quality of good estate as property owners, a number of important personalities have equally made appearance at the site , a development which portends a good omen for the developer and prospective customers in the new year and beyond.

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