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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

COVID-19 Lockdown Extension: Is Nigerian Government up to the task?

By Kehinde Ademuyiwa

It is no more news that the federal government has ordered a 14-day extension of the lockdown in some parts of the nation, most importantly, Ogun, Lagos and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

But I wonder if the main reason for this is to reduce the spread of this Coronavirus,which of course, could lead to death. if it was for this reason that the government ordered additional 14 days hence, I think it will be apposite to maintain that government is not taking a proper and adequate measure in solving this pandemic.

Thank God that the Presidency also recognises the fact that many Nigerian earn their living on a daily wages. Hence, one imagines the difficulties people will be going through at this trying time.

If truly this is to prevent the spread and to protect lives, why not give credence to what hunger is likely to cause these people?

Even, the relief materials claimed to have been shared by government, how many households or people have access to them? Only God knows the sharing formula adopted! A lot of people are crying and dying of hunger but it is a pity that the government that claims is protecting the lives of people, hazardously neglecting the protection of their livelihood.

Little wonder, there are  cases of robbery everywhere, one can no longer sleep with two eyes closed, as we are asked to stay at home without adequately  putting in places all the necessary measures.

Sooner than later, one megaphone minister will inform Nigerians on millions of Naira spent on their welfare, whereas the funds now seemed being converted for selfish interests of a few who have access to them thereby. Nigeria's commonwealth has been grossly mismanaged.

We can not but appreciate the people that are endowed with heart of benevolence to help Nigerians combat the unexpected virus (hunger), in terms of palliatives to support them.The likes of Oluseyi Bisiriyu Foudation and a host of others have provided succour to a section of people in need at this critical period. The hope they have given to the vulnerable  in this time of trial will not go unnoticed.

Now, we are through with the first half of this lockdown, the second half has started. This tells us to pray that there shouldn't be extra time.

A clarion call: we are the ones who can help to deliver ourselves, this is the time we need to help and reach out to one another. This is the best of time we need to forget about our differences and become one; the time we need to settle scores and extend our hands of fellowship to one another for the sake of love and harmony.

Remember, some people might not have and might not know how to ask from people. If we can be united at this time, no doubt , we can know our individual needs. Waiting for government to do this for us might be just as the coming of Jesus, which no man could ascertain.

Let us continue to show love. Let us continue to give as much as we can afford. Surely this time of trial will definitely pass over us.

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