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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Stop blaming others for your woes, Rev. Paul Ogunlade

People should stop shifting the blames of how and why their lives should be the way it is on anybody, since no one will carry the  cross for others.

The man of God in charge of African Church, Good news Chapel, Reverend Paul Ogunlade who stated this in an online sermon reminded people that 
whatever they  think friends ,mother,father,brother,boss or whoever  have done to their  lives  that make them  the way they are is their own cup of tea. 

Quoting the adage  " The way you lay your Bed you lie  on it" ,the man of God wants people to start taking responsibility for their lives .

Speaking on the topic " And God asked Adam and Eve , why are you like this ?, the man of God reminded people that the best year of ones live is the year one stop shifting the blame of his or her  mistake on another person. 

  While saying that everybody is  responsible for his or her life,he urged wife and husband to  stop shifting blames on likewise Brothers and as well as ,Boss and subordinate should stop shifting the blames of their mistake on each other.
  In conclusion, he enjoined people not to  let others  live their  life for them, instead they should  be hardworking, wise,diligent and be obedience enough to live their  life they way that will not warrant shifting  the blames on anybody at the end.

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