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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Behold ! The Business Package New Corporate Image ...

About The Business Package Online Magazine 

Introducing The Business Package online magazine

Journalism has experienced change and transformation  especially with the advent of citizen journalism which has revolutionised the media landscape leading to  several medium fighting for similar space in terms of news dissemination;  whereas the liberalisation of the media space which broke the hitherto monopolistic nature of news dissemination ought to give rise to plurality of views where audience will have access to different dimension of news reports in terms of specialisation and dynamism.

The Business Package has decided to break away from the usual conventional practice where every news platform appear to be towing similar path, thus defeating the purpose of plurality of views which the online platform ought to represent.

The Business Package has  chosen  to tow a different path by setting out as a niche within niche online magazine that has  shifted  attention from the usual conventional news.

The Business Package online magazine powered by a group of thoroughbred professional journalists will be  solely devoted to promoting and showcasing business and economic news reports and analysis  in all ramification including entrepreneurship and innovativeness in business.

The publication will mirror the society to beam its searchlight on entrepreneurial efforts of young and innovative people and start-ups with a view to promoting the work and activities of these set of people to serve as a motivation for other people to join the entrepreneurial train.

It will also take a more than passing look at economic trends across the nation and the world  with a view to bring out the benefits and dangers inherent in different economic policies of government and authorities in different parts of the world.

 The agricultural sector is one area that holds a lot of promises for the economic diversification drive of the present administration; the business package will look critically into development in this sector and set agenda for the way forward where appropriate.

Other related areas such as technology and innovation, and business aspects of other endeavours including  education , entertainment and what have you , shall be given desired attention.

Above all ,The Business Package will celebrate creativity and innovation and give special prominence to individuals, organisations and groups who are contributing to economic development of the nation in their private corners as well as showcases the business aspect of different areas of the nations cultural make-up.

The mission is to be apart from the maddening crowd and in all intent and purposes, this  online medium will set a template that will be a model not only in online Journalism, but in  modern  journalism practice.

We welcome you on board.

The Business Package

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