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Monday, August 10, 2020

Monday Morning Motivation with Muhammed Moshood

Growing up, we became accustomed to several ideologues/perceptions of what we want out of life. 

That in itself is not a bad taste. It is nice having something you consider worthy of admiration - some standard, so to say.

But then when life happens - because it always will - what happens to you?

Do you become miserable because you fail a couple of times, or because a business hasn't turned out well, or an investment isn't yielding, or you have been asked to go home, no thanks to the hard-biting, novel coronavirus?

The idea of the perfect life you have built in your head is good but do you know what you see in the picture is someone's best/inspiration? The life you live best is not the one you see ahead, but how you choose your today. 

Don't just exist, bothered about all that is not working. Live through life by giving your life meaning right now; clap for yourself, remind yourself how far you have come and how wonderful you have done for yourself. 

Everything good will come when you choose to live rightly. 

Have a fantastic week ahead. 


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