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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Hospital and Prison Network Calls for Deportation Task Force In Nigeria

The Leadership of Hospital & Prison Action Network (HPAN ) has expressed concerned about Nigerians being deported on a regular basis, especially those who have been in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world for many years whose incarceration has cut them off  from the mass changes back in Nigeria.


The leadership of the network is also calling on President Muhammad Buhari to further demonstrate his commitment to the Nigeria Diaspora Constituency by ensuring that those deported exercise their rights as Nigerians.


In a statement by the Founder and CEO of Hospital & Prison Action Network (HPAN),  Reverend (Dr) Nathaniel Oyinloye, the group called on the  federal government of Nigeria to establish a Deportation  Task Force to look into the reasons why some people are deported.


The statement reads “ We are calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria to establish a ‘Deportees Task Force’ comprising of immigration officers, police officers, custom officers and some diaspora representatives, to look into the reasons why some people are deported and to ensure that they are really Nigerians….”


The Hospital & Prison Action Network (HPAN) also called on the Federal Government to establish a road map to accommodate Diaspora returnees so that their skills would be added value to the prosperity of Nigeria instead of them becoming a liability.


The HPAN  observed that it had been operating in the United Kingdom for over 15 years and it decried the height of Homelessness and poverty in the diaspora community due to economic crisis which has made the organization to  feed over 48,000 individuals in the last 3 years through partnership with major food chains in the United Kingdom.


It said ‘’ Apart from running local free medical surgery open day in the community, the organization also entered a partnership agreement with Nigeria High Commission in the United Kingdom to assist vulnerable Nigerians in immigration detention or prison’’


Hospital & Prison Action Network (HPAN) said it is equally concerned about the increase in political violence across some pocket of areas in Nigeria which it said  could increase extremist and radicalization with zero strategy to tackle radicalization in Nigeria prisons.



The organization also said it is  currently working on the establishment of a rehabilitation and resettlement camp in Nigeria.


“If there are any Nigerian parents out there feeling overwhelmed with challenges to do with their child attracted to life crime, anti-social behaviour and other associated issues; call us because we are operating throughout the year. ..”




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