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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Onilude ,Girl-Child Advocate Calls for Celebration of Talents in Children

Celebration of talents in  children will  propel them to be responsible adults apart from opening their  eyes to make meaningful contributions  to the  growth  and  development  of their  immediate environments. 
    Pastor  Mrs Bunmi Onilude of Beyond  Beauty Initiative,  a non governmental organisation, stated this during a chat with OGBC this Sunday. 
     According to her,encouraging the young ones to develop their talents  will help in reducing social vices in the society  as  such  support will propel  them to Channel their  energies to fruitful  ventures. 
     Pastor Mrs Onilude  who charged  stakeholders  to revisit the importance of reward system in the upbringing of  children  said competitions,talent  hunts and mentoring  programmes  could  be put together  for children  to discover their talents. 
   She also warned against the exposure  of  the young  ones  to ungodly  sites on social  media  just as she charged  parents  to be good role models  to their  children. 
   Frowning at high rate of unwanted pregnancies, child molestation and harassment,  the behind beauty Initiative  Founder noted that those at the helms of  governmental affairs, religious leaders, and parents  should  put up workable  solutions to end to moral  decadence in the society. 
    Pastor  Onilude who is also a Girl Child advocate expressed dissatisfaction about  the cultural norms that relegated the female gender to the background posting  that  God who created everyone in His image has purpose for  every human being  irrespective of gender and socio-cultural background .

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