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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Ogun FOMWAN makes case for girl-child education on the occasion of International Day for the girl-child

The Federation of Muslim Women Associations  in Nigeria (FOMWAN) Ogun state chapter has called for the education of the girl-child as the international day for  the girl-child is commemorated worldwide.

The Association joins the rest of the  world to commemorate the international day for the girl child being celebrated on Oct 11, 2020 with the theme “MY VOICE, MY FUTURE”. 

The Association in a statement by its Ameerah, Alhaja Kudirat Rabiu observed that ,It is no longer news that a girl child has right to Life, Education, health, protection  which implies that  a girl child is important and valued.

It said that the  most important foundation in giving a girl child voice is education. 

"There must be equal opportunities for a girl child in getting substantive and quality education"

"Today, girls globally still want to push boundaries. They want to make their voices heard, contribute to the society and lead lives that can transform their communities. Girl child do not need people, expert or non governmental organizations to tell them what needs to be done", the statement observed .

 According to the statement,  girl-child are experts on their own needs and  their life  realities, saying  that the girl-child only need to be given opportunities, skills and support to make their voices heard. 

"It is important to continuously talk about the potentials of a girl child. There are sayings concerning a girl child which are “educate a girl child, educate a whole nation; give a girl child a voice and watch her change the world"

Giving these realities, the Association posits that the international day of the girl-child should not just be confined to one day. Girls rights and girls voices are important everyday.

It counselled that " if we really want to see girls flourish, we should do our part too" 

 Accordingly, the statement observed that , some years ago, world leaders came together  to adopt the sustainable  Development Goals, an ambitious agenda to tackle poverty, climate change and all forms of inequalities by 2030. 

Alhaja Rabiu further stated that, If we are to achieve these ambitious goals, we must recognize the power and potential of a girl-child.

 "The SDGs will only ever be achieved if Government, businesses, communities and civil societies invest in the girls and women and give them the tools they ne6ed to lead and strive'

In conclusion, the group said , "we envision an egalitarian society, where the girl-child reaches her full potential and achieve her dreams and aspirations unhindered, a society full of hopes, compassion and gender sensitivity" 

Alhaja K.Y. Rabiu
Ogun state Chaper

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