Thursday, May 20, 2021


 At the Departure Hall at MM2 in Lagos, when you enter the rest room...There are many  able body Uniform , perhaps as Toilet Administrator or what else do you call them.?

One will greet you welcome sir.

One will lead you to toilet to use.

One will come to give you Tissue Paper.

When you finish..another one will bring liquid soap and assist to press the soap from the  bottle into your hands.

Immediately  you finish, another  one will bring out  tissue paper for you to clean your hands...Then one will direct you to drop the used one in the trash bin...Welcome sir...If counted will be up to 7 times .

So I ask myself, how did we get here.?

What type of  service is this.? Even Toilet, you can not go freely by yourself.?

Am still worried about this situation. 

2. At the same Airport, some guys will ask you where to sir.Some will ask you, do you have ticket .?

Even when you have Ticket, some people want to assist you to get Boarding Pass and of course assist to roll your hand luggage.

My take on this is that..Things have gone beyond our imagination.

There is no job.

Disaster is looming.

Then our service culture as a country is almost dead .

3. Have you observed that in most places you go to where there are Uniform Security men...The greetings is such that ....You will feel guilty  and it is almost like a  blackmail if you fail to bring out some cash as tip.

Welcome sir.. is no longer having the meaning it should have in most eateries and public places.

There is a big problem.

4. I do not blame the parties involved because I see them as Victims of the decay and u employment in our Society but why would leaders sleep at night knowing all this things are going on.

5.I  just heard now that not less than 8 people.were kidnapped in the last one week in some parts of Lagos and especially around Lekki Area .

The other day...I saw some people were arrested with Rail Track Vandalisation .

How can a man be bold to cut off such National assets...?

On Ogere Road to Iperu...The Railings on the bridge were cut off many years ago and this is the situation in Nigeria on  many bridges.

Electric Wire too is not left out.

Transformer vital parts too.

Even street lights.Haaaaa.

5. Dear Leaders, we need to start with a new Orientation.

We must not continue like this.

6. Things are bad for many people and so daily, people throw away important values of an African man with origin pride.

Leaders are far from the people.

7.People see politics as Avenue to create gap between the leaders and the supposed followers who are following by worshiping the leaders.

Where did we get it all wrong.? 

Primary School?.Home?
Religious organisation ?
We have serious crisis in our hand.

8. We need to change the mindset of the young ones or else..The future of our country is in danger.

Yahoo now regarded as one way of life.In Nigeria? It was not as bad as this 20 years fact before 1999 it was not this bad.

In 2003 it was not this bad.

Beyond Prayer as much as we need prayers...We need to begin a change of orientation.

Wealth without work as a social sin must be condemned .

9.Credit should be made available to youths to start a business. Power should be addressed.

10.Those making money should pay tax too.

On one hand there are people who have nor paid one kobo Tax in 10 years...Yet we all talk about the problem of Nigeria..On the other hand..all taxes paid in the last 22 can't see the justification for it in terms of development.

Lord have mercy.Change our people.Change us.Give us a new heart.

Dr.Gbenga Adeoye is a concerned Nigerian.

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