Sunday, July 4, 2021


In Law there is a purpose for interlocutory injunction and it is to preserve the subject matter while the main case is ongoing.

Borrowing from that idea in court, it is important to appeal to all Nigerians that waging war against government WILL NEVER ACHIEVE ANY SERIOUS POSITIVE RESULT....Pure and Simple...The government has control over Police, The Army and the entire intelligence architecture .If force is to be used, fighting government is similar to jumping into the ocean without knowing how to swim and without safety jacket

The best way to move Nigeria forward is to engage in intellectual dialogue.

Killing people and destroying properties in the name of any form of agitation is like destroying the subject matter.

There are so many questions to ask the elites in Nigeria together with important suggestions as follows:

1. Why is it that those agitating for certain things are not the most intellectually  endowed persons from North or South. ?

2. What do we gain if the country is destroyed? Are we going to lead Ghost ?

3. Why is it that   Intelligent Nigerians are not ready to sit together in a round table to discuss the way forward.?

4. It appears the people causing problem are more of those who have clear idea on how to solve our many problems but decided to remain silent because of hidden benefit from the crisis. 

5. In the North, there is banditary, terrorism  and kidnapping  problem, in South East there is crisis &  in the South South, there is militancy and all forms of agitations.

In South West all you hear in some quarters is Yoruba Nation...You really do not know what the elites and the rulling class & politicians from the various regions want exactly.What do we really want.

6. Peace is important.We must all come together to have intelligent dialogue.

7.Non State actors should not be allowed to take laws into their hands any more.

8. What do we really want in each region? South Eastern People...Do you want Presidency in 2023 or Biafra.? South Western people..Do we want Presidency in 2023  or Yoruba Nation.? Both South and North, do we really want Restructuring? If so...then we all have a common ground...Why can't we then sit down and agree on the modality as fast as we could to avoid further crisis.

9. The North has never at any time pretend about what they want but what is not clear is what the South really want especially those who ought not to sit at the party are the one leading the song and serving the food.

10.If we address the real issues surrounding corruption, Power/Electricity, Electoral Act ( Focusing on Electronic Voting and Transmission of result, Curbing all forms of election rigging and thuggery), Ease of Doing Business, Security, Equity, Fairness and promote Agriculture and quality education with serious commitment to health care system...We may be very close to solving our many problems substantially. 

11.It is our collective responsibilities to find the way out...Join  hands to solve Nigeria's many problems.

12.The National Assembly has enormous powers to deal with all the issues people are agitating about especially the issue of restructuring.We then need to talk to the right people among the Legislators and not shedding of the blood of innocent people in various regions.

I therefore conclude again as stated earlier...Intellectual Dialogue is the best weapon of war.

Dr.Gbenga Adeoye  holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law.( LLB)

He holds an MSc. in Banking & Finance and a  PhD in Management Accounting.

He is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria ( FCA) , a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria ( FCTI) &  an Arbitrator of UK and Nigeria.

He is an advocate of Peaceful Co Existence,  Tax Justice, Good Governance and Socio Economic Development of Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.

He believes that without Peace, there will be no progress no matter how small the entity is.He is of the opinion that National, State, Community and Family Transformation and Development is hinged on the  Quality of people in charge of our  affairs.

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