Tuesday, July 13, 2021


When I was growing up , I recall a joke in proverb that says in Yoruba "a nka isu, koko nyi wo". meaning we are counting Yam , coco yam is rolling in or showing up...It can also mean, we are selecting pilots with  aeroplane on highest speed  and bicycle riders are raising hand as those with comparable speed.Imagine that.

Death and sleep is not the same.

Another proverb in another  jokes in Yoruba is  " Saki nse bi ora" meaning intestine is behaving like fat..Those who eat meat knows they are not the same.

After church service last Sunday 11th July,  2021, a child sat on the driver seat of a car and was holding the steering and pretending to be driving.She was wondering why the car was not moving but yet was excited as she pushes the steering with her strength that has no impact on the car 

The key was not in the car.

We all looked and laughed and left her to satisfy herself before leaving.

Lessons from this event are as follows:

1. We were not foolish to give the two years old girl the car key to drive....

We must not do so in 2023.Anybody who is not competent, educated, intelligent, hardworking and full of integrity and Values for National development must not even be cleared by political parties.Such must be ashamed to even erect bill boards or print posters.

2. Most of the people that are  declaring intention to lead  many states and even the  country are acting in a manner that can  best be described as  Collective insults on all Nigerians.

3. Certain persons ought not to be bold to obtain nomination form of any political party in view of their Educational background, intellect, past records, lack of work experience and so many other criteria that are in the negative based on assessment at a glance 

4.You listen to certain persons in National & State Assemblies and  the grammatical blunder will make you to ask if that is the best from their respective constituencies. 

In conclusion , blessed is he or she who decided to insult all of us as a people but woe unto a people that allow or accept  such insult .

Let us encourage and watch out for the emergence of best brains at all levels  why we beg all intelligent & endowed  Nigerians not to sit on the fence.

The author, Dr.Gbenga Adeoye  holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law.( LLB)

He holds an MSc. in Banking & Finance.
He holds a PhD in Management Accounting.

He also holds a Diploma in Crominology and Security studies.

He is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria ( FCA) , a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria ( FCTI) &  an Arbitrator of UK and Nigeria.

He is an advocate of Peaceful Co Existence,  Tax Justice, Good Governance and Socio Economic Development of Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.

He believes that without Peace, there will be no progress no matter how small the entity is.He is of the opinion that National, State, Community and Family Transformation and Development is hinged on the  Quality of people in charge of our  affairs.

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