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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

STOP THAT HABIT!. Written by Agbesanwa Felix Oluwaseun.

There are many things we got ourselves involved into that needs change of orientation.

Do you know that we are in a mess in this country of ours because of the present economic recession we found ourselves in ?.  

Prices of goods, foodstuffs and others have suddenly skyrocketed in the market.

That food of yours that you can't finish that you consider as leftovers and consider as a waste can still be graciously garnished and give to others in your neighborhood.

Some don't even have what to eat today, some slept in hunger yesterday while some are into compulsory fast because there is nothing to eat at all.

Extend your hands of love to others if you have, the little you have can still be shared rather than throwing the excesses into the bin.

Don't wait for men plaudit but do yours without waiting for anyone commendation.

This positive act of yours can help in reducing the suicidal rate in our society.

Be part of the change agent as humans and let's help ourselves in this period of economic recession.

Please stop the wasteful habits!.

I Love You.



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