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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

PICK UP THAT CALL!. Written by Agbesanwa Felix Oluwaseun

Endeavour to pick up your call 🤙 irrespective of whether you know the person calling or not.

It is not compulsory that you must have all the numbers of those that call you.

Many have missed golden opportunities through their wrong principles of not picking up strange numbers.

Though courtesy demands that if you don't have the number of the person you wanted to call, send him a text message by introducing whom you are after you might have called the line once or twice without the recipient picking the call, but not many people know this principle.

Whether you receive a text message or not, whenever you see strange numbers on your phone, pick it up and hear the dialler.

The first 30 seconds of a phone call reveals what the person calling want to pass across. 

There is no crime in picking the call and cut the conversation off if it is not a healthy one or a scam.

Above all don't fall a prey to the hands of the fraudsters, always seive all information because many are snakes in the grass and they are out to swindle your hard earned resources.

Pick up your call!

I Love You.




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