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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

African Church Solution Camp: When Prophet Sam Olu-Alo Came Calling

It is usually an interesting religious and spiritual session every Tuesday of the week  at the African Church Solution Camp, Ewang Estate , Abeokuta  presided over by Bishop Jeremiah Okunlola as the prayer mountain  usually witnessed a power- packed marathon prayer session which is always full of impartation, healing, blessings, praise worship and the likes.

The Tuesday, 19th October edition of the programme  was exceptional  not only because of the fact that as customary work of miracles and impartation were witnessed during the programme, but more importantly that an uncommon guest was at the prayer mountain on this auspicious ocassion. 

An important man of God was in town in person of Prophet Sam Olu-Alo, the Coordinator of the Christ Apostolic Church Prayer Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji. The Church is  one of the relics left behind by the founder ,Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet  Joseph Ayo Babalola who was notorious for his famous evangelism and life changing prayers. 

During the hour long programme, Prophet Olu - Alo who spoke on the theme "Restoration" told the congregation that they need to return to and be closer to God, stay away from sin , embrace the act of giving as well as be fervent in  prayers and fasting if they  want the face of God to keep radiating  over them and particularly if they wants to ensure the restoration of all that has been s lost in their lives.

He equally listed things that can predispose men to loss of companionship with God to include, sin, lust for human flesh, lack of prayers and fasting, being stingy and not fully dependent on God for salvation.

The Bishop and Head of Mission of the African Church , Solution Camp , Bishop Jeremiah Okunlola while introducing the man of God had  submitted that he is a man full of God' sanointing, just as the impartation service later revealed.

The Church revival ground venue.of the weekly programme  which was full to the brim during the special service  was brimming with praises and worship,   prayers, songs ministration and prayers of deliverance,  forgiveness of sins and that of restoration.

Before his appearance at the African Church, Solution Camp , Prophet Olu-Alo  had earlier paid a courtesy call on Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo who told Nigerians not to loose hope in the survival of the country.

Former President Obasanjo said Nigerian against all odds will overcome the myriads of challenges it is presently facing.

He said if our forefathers were faced with similar challenges in their time and were able to get over them,then we will also overcome them.

The Cleric had paid the courtesy call on the former President  after the morning session of a an equally power -packed  programme held at the Christ Apostolic Church ,CAC Isale Ake Abeokuta  with the theme " God of our Father".

Majority of the congregants at the prayer sessiincobfoemed that it was a worthwhile experience just as they pray for more anointing for the men of God....

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