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Friday, December 24, 2021

2023: Scrutinise those aspiring for Political Offices, Achudume urges the media

The Lead Pastor of the Victory Life Bible Church International, Apostle Lawrence  Achudume has challenged men of the pen profession as major Stakeholder in the nation's democracy  to play their expected role in fostering the right leadeship on the nation come 2023 by helping to scrutinise those coming to assume political positions.

Apostle Achudume who spoke in Abeokuta on the eve of Christmas during a Lunch Table with newsmen observed that if the press keep quiet at this critical period, the nation will be doomed.

He urged the press to be bold and fearless in the discharge of their duties by refusing to merely glorifying  the political office holders,but speak truth to power.

Achudume said: " Jourmalist should not fear the government. You don't have to be cowed. If the men of the press do not challenge them, the nation will be doomed. Let us change the narratives of how leaders are raised. We have to change the structure of things.With Good leadership, there are prophesies we don't really need as a nation". 

Speaking further, Apostle  Achudume said there is the need for Nigerians to fish out genuine and sacrificial leaders who are not in government for what they will eat and steal,while urging Nigerians  to deemphacize religious,tribal or ethnic sentiments in choosing leaders.

 " We don't need a  Muslim President, we don't need a Christian  President, Fulani President or Hausa President, but a true Nigerian who will come with passion to rule. Until we get a true Nigerian President, we will continue the argument about bad leadership. All we need is the right leadership".

Lending his voice to the debate on the withholding of assent to the Electoral  Ammendment Bill 2021 by President Muhammadu Buhari, Apostle  Achudume  observed that whatever we do,political parties should be allowed the freewill to chose their  representatives.

" If it becomes operational, it is becoming undemocratic because the liberty of the political parties to freely chose their representatives is being controlled. Personally, I believe the parties should be allowed to make their choices since we are in a democracy. We should allow the freedom of choice".

He emphasised the fact that more investigative journalism is needed to stabilise the polity and place the nation on the path of progress,all of which still lies with the media.

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