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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

If you are not in the digital world,you are nowhere

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If you are not in the digital world,you are nowhere

My Master Trainer blew off my head last night,  when he made the remark that, in this digital world, Children are playing with artificial intelligence (AI )in China, US and other places ,while adults, who call themselves,  Professors, Doctors,Accountants, Journalists others, can still not attach pictures to files or documents from their phone.He also said, physical shops would soon vanish, e- commetce, online stores,online  transactions will be the way to go.

Like I used to tell my son and speak at different forum, the next generation is about the skill you have and not about the bigger your CV is ,or how much degree you have acquired ...If you don't get caught in the digital bug, you will be cut off. It is as simple as that!

My mentor and trainer, David Okpa a.k.a Ogapatapata also said ,the richest men in the world; those who control the worlds economy are not people with education, but skill and they employ people with education, Professors,  Doctors and others as PA and SAs.

Let us mention just  few of such to rejigged our memory. You remember the uber concept or taxify  which is raking in millions,; you remember the Airbnb,the  biggest app for hotel business  In Nigeria. Those who own and run Airbnb for instance do not own a single hotel and they are raking in millions. What of Alibaba.com, konga.com.amd other online stores,they operate in the digital space.

Let me go a notch further on Airbnb. While you are busy building hotels and employing retunue of staff to man the hotel ranging from cooks, laundry man, caterers, barman, gateman, Manager and what have you, the operator of Airbnb do not need all those, all he need is a well furnished apartment,with good ornamental and he begins to rake in millions daily. Let me reitrate the fact that, if you are not digitally smart, you are dumb. It does not matter who you are.

In Nigeria, the CBN is shying away from bitcoin and blockchain, yet they create digital currency, e- naira. The digital space is where things are happenimg,i repeat,if you are not digitally wise, you are nowhere. Thzt is the simple truth.

Tomorrow is another day.

Waheed Ogunjobi, a journalist, author, writer, and public affairs analyst writes from Abeokuta and can be reached on 08035004741 or waheedogunjobi@ gmail.com

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