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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Before you Spend Earn

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Richard Templer, International Best Selling author of The Rules of Life and the Rules of Wealth wrote: You should live within your means, but live well enough to be happy. If you don't earn enough to have Champagne every week, then have it only once in a month. But, do have it, if it.makes you happy". 

Our nugget of Wisdom today is very apt and relevant to our existence and  essential to maintain peace orderliness and a balanced life.

Most people have the habits of living above their means. This is not too good, because when you live above your means, you are indirectly courting trouble and putting yourself in financial bondage.

I have a habit, I do not spend money, unless it is earned. If you see me spending on stuffs in an unusual way, that should tell you that I have had some jobs executed and earned some money which I'm spending the proceed.. Even in matters as little as cooking,there is no rigid amount , when we can afford a fortune to feed, we live large and when we can't afford more than a once , we stay low and learn to enjoy the little we have. When we can fuel out car, we cruise about, when,we can't we take the alternative . When we can afford wine, we take wine and when we can't, we may settle for sobo drinks. 

If you live everyday as if it is the Christmas day, you may soon find out that you have put yourself in an uncertain situation and above all financial mess which will greatly affect your image and Public rating. Yoruba people have a way of talking about  such people.They will say " Ojo gbogbo bi odun", Meaning,  People who live as If Everyday is a festive day. You can't live everyday like a feast and have enough savings that can guarantee financial  breakthrough. Spending after you have earned something only means that you have learnt to live within your means and this is a golden rule that will liberate any man from poverty  set him apart from the crowd and make people accord him the right respect.

Tomorrow is another day..

Waheed Ogunjobi,  a journalist, author,writer, Public Affairs Analyst writes from Abeokuta and can be reached on 08035004741 or @ 

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