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Thursday, January 13, 2022

The type of people you meet on your life journey will determine how your journey eventually turns out

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The type of people you meet on your life journey will determine how your journey eventually turns out

Throughout this journey of life, we meet many people along the way. Each  has a purpose in our lives.No one we meet is ever a coincidence.

Yes, there is no one you meet in your life journey that is by happenstance. Every other person you meet in your lifetime has a purpose and the reason you are meeting that person at that particular time might not manifest immediately,but as the journey  progresses, the true essence of the meeting will begin to manifest.

In the journey of life, chances are that you could meet those people who will act like an angel, whose influence on your journey will be more profound and they guide you all the way. They are sometimes your financial advisor, you go to such person when it comes to solving basic issues of life, he or she may be your spiritual father who will be guiding your spiritual life all the way.

The bottomline is that the type  of people you meet determines how your life journey turns out. For instance,  at every point of your journey,be it school, church, in the neighbourhood, at workplace or any other place you have contact with, there is that person whose chemistry just works with yours. There is that person who will just stick to you and you find out that you get along . 

Of course, you can't be friends with everyone ,but there are some people that will be special to you and you just find out that you are inadvertently working together and later that friendship will grow to a good and productive relationship. 

Like one of my friends related to me, there are three catgories of people that you will meet in life; people that will move you forward , people that will make you to remain stagnant and people that will make you retrogress in life. Are you conscious of the type of people you meet and the impact they are making in your life? The onus lies on you to be critical of these people and know what each and everyone of them stands for. This will ensure that you know who to be close to and who to keep at arms lenght. 

There are people whose association will always produce positive thoughts and eventually lead to breakthrough.These are people who will always help you to achieve your dreams. Whenever,  you bring up an idea, they have one million suggestions to make the idea fruitful and work and they help you to fine tune your ideas and help you to achieve success. In another stead, there are people who are more or less dream nibblers, they have more than one million and one reasons why your ideas can not work and will not work, and they will contribute nothing to you than retrigression.

I tended to love it when you form the habit of chosing your friends carefully and consciously. You have to know what each and everyone you know stands  for and know the limit of your relationship, so that you don't just waste your time unnecessarily.  

There are people who will lead you to your breakthrough, the same way there are those who can lead you to perdition or destruction. It is your choice to make and the onus lies on you to chose right. May the Lord grant us all the grace to meet the right people who will make the desired positive impact in our lives . 

Tomorrow is another day. 

Waheed Ogunjobi,  a journalist, author, writer and a Public Affairs Analyst writes from Abeokuta  and can be reached on 08035004741 or at

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