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Monday, February 7, 2022

Discover Your Goldmine

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 Discover Your Goldmine

Is it safe to begin this way this day for our Daily  Nuggets of wisdom from the School of Life ...with Waheed Ogunjobi.

Have  discovered your goldmine?.

What is a goldmine, how do you discover it ? Why must you discover it ? and what does discovering it has to do with your destiny? 

Without belabouring the point, your goldmine is simply your trade secret. What is that thing that only you have the secrets, expertise or knowledge to do ? Or what is that thing that you are among the few who knows the secret, the means and the how to do it?. That is your goldmine. 

Those who discovered it and followed the lead have made fortunes out of it and some even handed  it over to generations unborn who also guided it jealously and pass it on to other generations coming behind .

Let me use Coca Cola as an example here. Do you know that for most of the past 86 years, The Coca-Cola Company's secret formula was locked away in a vault.

Coca-Cola made a choice to brand the recipe a trade secret instead of patenting it, which would have lead to the disclosure of the ingredients. 

Although, there  have been speculations about the secrets of Coca cola having been discovered in recent times, but the company had  refuted the claims. That is why up till today, no matter the amount of other carbonated drinks produced, even as an immitation, the formular is still not the same and if it is not Coca cola, it can't be the same thing as Coca cola. That's the logic. 
There are others in that fold,that time will not allow us to mention here. They have discovered a trade secret, a winning formular, a goldmine and they have kept it to their chest and made  it a family trade secret instead.

So, I asked  you again, what is your trade  secret? What is your secret formular? What is your goldmine?

The best way to approach this is to ask people to discover their niche and interest and master it. Once you master it, you may not be the only one with the skill, you may be the most  proficient such that peope will always refer others to you. Through,  referral, you get more jobs done and you are on your way to great fortunes.

Like the scriptures says, we should first seek the Kingdom of God and every other things shall be added unto it. In the same vein, every other person out there should first look for what can stand them out whether in their chosen profession or trade , skills or whatever and be good at it. If this happens, you will be on your way to success.

May the lord opens our hearts and eyes of understanding to discover our  goldmine.

Tomorrow is another day. 

Waheed Ogunjobi, Journalist, Writer, author and Public Affairs analyst, writes from Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital and can be reached through 08035004741

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