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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Behold! View, Buy and Read My E- Books On Amazon

About The Book- Are you disciplined.

Are you disciplined is a book that dwells on the virtue of discipline. The book which is specifically targeted at the youths population, provided practical illustrations on the subject of discipline and how indiscipline can easily ruin the life of an individual. The book is in six chapters, with Chapter One talking about the subject of discipline covering definitions, principles of discipline among others. The second Chapter is devoted to the topic " Law of Sacrifice. The Chapter draws copious connection between the subject matter discipline and sacrifice, saying the virtue of serving others and serving well is an off-shoot of discipline. The Concept of Delayed Gratification and Financial Discipline are the hallmark of the third and fourth Chapters of the book ,covering aspects such as Wealth Creation, Multiple Streams of income, differences between assets and liabilities among others, while the fifth Chapter made a lot of inferences on the concept of ambition, dreams and realities, with the last chapter. which is chapter six used to showcase some quotable quotes among others 

About The Book - A-Z of Publishing  on The Amazon 

The Book A-Z of Publishing on the Amazon is a book that discusses the whole essence of publishing on the Amazing Amazon app for the global audience. The book is in two parts. The first part covers issues ranging from the Basics of Book Publishing on Amazon which includes, introduction to e-book publishing, how to format a manuscript, book template, basic practical steps to formatting and how to trim book size, differences  between e-book and paper back, amazing create space formatting template, steps to opening a Kindle Direct Publishing Account. The second part talks about opening your KDP Account, understanding the KDP Account, how to create an e-book and paperback cover, understanding the Kindle Direct Publishing app and getting the Draft PDF copy of your manuscript among others.

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