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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Nigeria Journalists Should Be Careful , by Seun Sobola

If they fail to take a cursory step, the devil will betray them! And their case will be like that of Dr. Faustus who summoned the devil, Mephistopheles, and later agreed to Lucifer’s offer.

For Dr Faustus, he exchanged his soul for 24 years of Mephistopheles' service and gained wealth, the book of spells and power. But, Nigeria journalists are doing the same for the sake of dollars from an Americano.

Dollar is good! But it has sensible intertextuality in Proverb chapter thirteen verses eleven that a dishonest money will vanish but the man who gathers money little by little makes it grow.

Ifa also makes available morning prayers like that of Ori Olokun. Basically, Ori Olokun is the Spirit of the Ocean and in Ẹgba we pray “Mama mi lokun re bu owo wa o, ki n bá lè tete lowo o”.

Please do say it - prayers like that are pointers for wealth. But for those who think otherwise, I presume you’re Abacha, Olorikunkun, a figure in Wole Soyinka’s _You Must Set Forth at Dawn._ 

Both the world and particularly our country, have witnessed an increase in local and online newspapers platforms. Nonetheless, the credibility of their reports is a-one step to many fake news.

As a concerned citizen who feels that if the pursuit of truth is not defended, it will not be defended at all. Therefore, lies will be put forward by those who seek to limit our existence.

Now to my focus; last week, different parties in the country had their primary elections which made journalists and their media houses to become tools to recount how the events went. 

However, a fake primary election took place in a particular State in the country where in the obvious folly of the aspirants to take power to their constituency, they made a photocopy of the electoral certificate.

Let me paint it well – imagine a WAEC objectives' booklet inscribed with the exam number: 0432, then someone who did not pay for the exams, made a photocopy of that same booklet and scored himself.

That was it! Soon, media houses, particularly newspapers took on the news that the aspirant had won and the other aspirant, who had the original certificate unaware to them, from other Constituency had been flopped!

They broadcast themselves before the election was completed, saying that by way of grammar “wins” is futuristic. But I wish to know: Were the journalists not at the primary elections?

Let me clearly tell you; they were not there! They stood at their houses, sharing the cakes in the form of dollars that Americano gave to them while losing all logical stance in proper context of objectives.

In the meantime, journalism entails “science” in its entirety. Journalism is proportional to science: the presence of data and its subsequent verification. Without these, there is absolutely nothing as journalism!

Well, I have written without nailing down to anybody or any media house. Our journalists should be careful of the news events they report. A word is enough for the wise. Exactly!

Seun Sobola writes from Abeokuta.

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