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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

2023: There is still hope if, Bishop Ademosu tells Nigerians.

Despite the seemingly gloomy future ahead of the nation state, Nigeria, the Primate and  Founder of the  Jieawowrrah All Saints Church of Christ,  Aladura, Bishop  Samuel Ademosu has urged Nigerians not to loose hope nor despair, as better days are ahead, provided they continue to seek the face of God and Obey his commandments.

Bishop Ademosu  who stated this in a  message at the grand finale of this year's Mount Jieawowrrah  celebration held at Ikosa quarters Odogbolu, Ogun  State said "God Almighty is prepared to redeem the nation and restore  her lost glory if the people are willing and obedient".

He said God does not profit in the desolation  of the country and her people and will be ready to take the country and her people  back to his fold,  if they continue to obey his commandments.

" God is still God, He is the God of Isaac , He is the God of David, He is the God that saved the Israelites from the hands of Pharao and God that established and watched  over Niigeria  from time immemorial and he is  still on the throne. He has assured that despite the seemingly gloomy situation, which indicated that the nation is either in disarray or drifting to the nadir , her  citizens can still play a major role in her revival, provided that they continually seek the face of God through prayers  as he is a God that answers prayers", Bishop Ademosu Said.

Speaking at the well attended gathering, which featured vigil, words from the pulpit, exhortation, dancing and singing to melodious tunes and cleansing of the soul through spiritual uplifting exercises, Bishop Ademosu saw the need for sober Reflections, calling on the Nigerian citizens  to retraced their steps, saying as the prodigal son was forgiven and admitted, their sins are not without redemption, even as he said better days are ahead for the country.

Meanwhile,  in his new year prediction released shortly after observing the 21 day fasting and prayers on the  holy Land of the Jieawowrrah  Mountain, the Primate  and Founder of the All Saints  Church of  Christ  Aladura, Ikosa Quarters,  Odogbolu Ogun State, Bishop Ademosu called on  Nigerians  to pray fervently to avert impending calamities lying ahead.

Bishop Ademosu  who said God wants Nigerians to continually seek his face, assured that better  days are ahead, even as he urged Politicians to put God  first in   their endeavours.

While saying  that the year 2023 may witness the death of  a prominent king, Bishop Ademosu called on Nigerians to pray fervently to avert impending inter religious  strives.

According to the man of God, prices  of goods,especially food stuffs will reduce drastically in the new year and this will come as a major relieve for most people who have been impoverished and can hardly afford three square meals.

Bishop Ademosu  further predicated that a popular politician whose health and age have been under public scrutiny will be elevated to become the next President of Nigeria,but urged him to pray to be able to complete even the first term in office.

Apart fro the impending inter religious strives that is imminent in the new year, the man of God also urged the country to pray against possible ethnic clashes  that may lead to loss of lives, while also caling for prayers to ensure that the third mainland bridge does not begin to constitute threat to the lives of people plying it.

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