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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Start Small, Grow Big - Napoleon Hill


Daily Reflections ..with Waheed  Ogunjobi 

Reflections  For Today 

Most often than not, we procrastinate on what steps we should take to execute  a course of action.We sometimes wait for the big break whereas,there is no big break, you need to start small and grow big.That is the Law of multiplicity.  When you start small,then the big break will come ..If you never learn to start  small, you may never have to start...Thats just the irony if it all.So, in your own closet, what is that idea that you have been nursing  in your  heart, the time time start is now!. You can't afford  to delay further, stay with what you have and as you progress, the tools  to get  it right will surface.

God bless you..

Tomorrow  is another day...

Waheed Ogunjobi 

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