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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

How Engr Mobolaji Martins-Kuye Is Leading by Stewardship – by Seun Sobola

Let us begin by reiterating that Engr Mobolaji Martins-Kuye has never stopped in his strides of goodwill and commendable projects for the people of Ifelodun. Because of his love for his people, he has turned to providing an enabling environment and empowerment programs that would help the people in every way and manner. He identified that providing welcoming avenues for his people and drawing them to good governance would continue to be his priority.

Engr Mobolaji Martins-Kuye, who contested for a post in the Ogun State House of Assembly, Ijebu-North, Ifelodun Constituency 2 in the last General Elections, is a good mobiliser, a peaceful mediator, sharing the good message of the party, PDP, to everyone. He has contributed immensely towards poverty alleviation and grassroots developments and he is politically known for his inspirational eloquence and good character.

Engr Mobolaji Martins-Kuye is a man with integrity, dedication and honesty. Having such an individual in politics is a plus point for our future in Ifelodun. He embodies good managerial competence and clear vision. And his entrepreneurial ingenuity has become evidently unmatched by anybody. 

Our dear illustrious son, Engr Mobolaji Martins-Kuye, has carved a special recognition for himself and his supportive gestures have extended to many people in Ifelodun. He has facilitated different borehole projects in Ifelodun, greeted notable festivals, empowered the youths, gave free and quality education to schools, provided community safety measures amongst others. 

In the light of the above, it is clear that Engr Mobolaji Martins-Kuye has a progressive force of hard work and diplomacy. He has continued to retain the thread of good representation to better our lives.

Seun Sobola is a first class graduate of English.

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