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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

How Kasnaty Sugar help my career - 23-year-old Mapoly student who is also a barber in Ogun

Miss Akinbola Rukayat Oluwatemilorun, 23, an HND 1 student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun State is one of the few students that has taken her destiny in her hands by believing that a bird in the hand is valuable than millions in the bush.

Akinbola is currently studying Mass communication at the polytechnic, and also undergoing boarding training at a Barber Shop located at Amolaso, in Abeokuta South Local government area of Ogun State.

Miss Akinbola believes that rather than waiting for a white-collar job when she finishes her education, which may be a mirage, hence she decided to delve into another field by training as a barber, a profession that is dominated by men folks.

Speaking to Our Correspondent at Amolaso where she undergoes her training, Miss Akinbola said she dabbles in barbing, not because she had lack skills in other female-dominated professions, but it was because she intends to pass more information that what men can do, and women can also do, if not better.

"Right from my Secondary School days, we have been taught entrepreneurial skills as an avenue to keep on developing our interpersonal skills, our sense of innovation, creativity, and much more.

'We were taught to engage in more exciting and amazing ideas that would be beneficial for us and society as well.

"We will be able to think out of the box in our respective domains and most importantly entrepreneurship will surely help us to know about the essence of the business sector which mainly includes management, finances, marketing, etc.

"These are the training which is not there in Schools, which we can lay our hands on in other to be self-reliant.

“The idea of taking up barbing as a vocation came to me, even though it is considered a predominantly male vocation.

She said that she started to think about what she can do after graduating without being a liability, hence she came up with this idea.

"What inspired me into this business is that I thought of going into a unique business area. Initially, I thought of tailoring and fashion designing but later realized that a lot of people are into it and despite the long distance of the barbing saloon to my place in Alagada where I have to spend about Two Thousand Naira daily, I was motivated to start the training because of the conviction and the passion I had,” she said 

She said that the salon business is very lucrative because it is a business that does not accommodate credit facilities. It is not like every other business where people owe. Before you go into a salon to barb your hair, you must have money in your pocket.

"Though it has not been very easy as she had to combine the training with schooling, with determination and perseverance, she had been able to weather the storm.

She said when she started the training, based on the challenges, many kind-hearted individuals and corporate individuals have been coming to her aid.

"Just two days ago, a member representing Abeokuta South State Constituency 1 at the Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele, visited her at her training workshop, he gave her money, and also assured of setting her up when she concludes her training.

Apart from the Honourable, I have also got assistance from people outside the country.

All this support comes from the benevolence of God Almighty who uses a brother and father figure, Kolawole Atanda Adejojo, Kasnaty, with his programme, 'Street Voices with Kasnaty' and powered by 'Kasnaty Sugar Foundation'.

According to Akinbola, through the programme, she discovered her dedication perseverance and commitment, which endeared the foremost OAP, Kasnaty to the lady who despite her background, remained committed to her task.

"My efforts and passion were seen by Kasnaty, he used 'Kasnaty Sugar Foundation', a non-governmental organisation, to launch me into the World, and through the Foundation, so much help has been coming my way.

I only prayed that all my benefactors including Hon. Igbalaye Wasiu, Kasnaty and his Foundation and all that have assisted and will still come to my aid, will know no sorrow in their entire life.

What Kasnaty Sugar Foundation is doing in my life is seriously unprecedented, he is truly 'Sugar' in the common man's life, and that 'Sugar' will not cease from his life and all that concerns him.

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