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Friday, November 17, 2023

Somebody is Always Better Version of You By Mujeebat Idris

All my life, I had always believed in myself and always had confidence in my abilities. To me, I was always the best. It is a mindset. The best mindset.

I later found out in my sojourn to further knowledge that everyone has a boss. When you get to the real world, you will realize that someone's prettier, more brilliant, more intelligent, more religious than you are. This is what university has taught me ; humility. No matter what you think you have or you're good at, someone's better than you are. The earlier you accept it, the better.

In respect to this, I admire few people I have come across that have more than what I have. One way or the other, they've got it. 

There is Oyinda who reads everything in a single day, there is Habeebah who knows, as it is often preached in journalism, something about almost everything, there is Victor who is never afraid to tell the truth no matter what.

There is Justus and Habeeb, who do not say ' I don't know'.The duo know almost everything about law.The both believe in the words of Rene Descartes that "I think, so I am". 

There is Qesmah who is so pretty and calm. There is Gazaal who is a very smart entrepreneur with business acumen, there is Ramadan who never gets tired of asking intelligent questions, there is Fikayo who never gets tired of bringing up new ideas all the time. Enters Fati who never finds words difficult to interpret; she speaks fluent English and talks with intelligence. There is Balqis who is my favorite person and lots more.

Life gets better when you realize that someone somewhere is better and more endowed. Respect your boss and work on yourself. 

In the final analysis, I will never forget that I am the best version of myself.

*A 2021 Commonwealth Essay bronze winner, Mujeebat Idris is a law undergraduate of Crescent University, Abeokuta, Nigeria and can be reached via

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