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Theme “Guaranteeing the safety of all schools in Ogun State by providing a deliberate synergy with Security Agencies.

The Ogun State Police Command has replicated the Safe School Initiative to propagate a guarded out of danger learning environment, where pupils , teachers, are shielded away from malevolent .

Accordiing to a statement by the Police Public Relations  Officer in Ogun State, Omolola Odutola, this is in  furtherance to  the mandate of the Inspector General of Police  , IGP Olukayode Egbetokun,PhD , NPM who has launched and spearheaded the Safe School Initiative 2024, which seeks to address the spate of kidnappings , in the country and procure a lasting solution  to wanton violence against pupil  of primary and secondary witnessed in the wake  of January 2024 incidentm 

The need to provide a safe haven for all the children in Ogun State, with adequate security and a conducive learning environment void of banditry attacks, kidnapping , anxiety , fear or panic was the major highlights of a one day  security summit organized by CP Alamutu Abiodun Mustapha psc at the Powa Hall in Eleweran. 

Among invited guest were, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, Local Government Chairmen, Clerics, school administrators, principals, proprietors, parents, and stakeholders. 

CP Alamutu in his opening speech reiterated that inclusive policing approach such as deliberate intelligence sharing with school administrators across Ogun state will strengthen security in schools. 

He further underscored the importance of protecting not only the mental well being of our dear children, but emphasized the collaboration with various security agencies to secure a safer learning environment equipped with perimeter security cameras, fencing, and access control systems monitored by a trained security personnel who will not compromise the trust reposed in such personnel.

Despite having a relatively calm State ,the Commissioner of Police stated that proffering proactive measures to prevent invasion of extremist negative tendencies of some misguided groups has become very important, to prevent any potential attacks.

Thus, the safe school initiative aims to forge a strong alliance with all security agencies in Ogun State.

The Commissioner of Police , affirmed his commitment to emplace a secure citadel of learning for pupils in Ogun State. He enjoined school administrators not to ponder on cost implications of deploying modern security technology  such as circuit cameras, illumination, that will allow pupils be monitored at all times.

Additionally, CP Alamutu Abioodun Mustapha explained that children are the leaders of the tomorrow and the foundation of today, hence it is an undeniable fact, that our children deserve to be protected against any kind of violence, a right he said the pupils have earned.

Finally a ten point security priority was issued, which the Commissioner of Police itemized as follows:

1. Development of a safe school policy that will outline the roles and responsibilities of staffs, students and parents.
2. ⁠Regular security assessment of school vulnerabilities by security expects to allow for creation of security measure to nip vacuums
3. ⁠Stiff access control measures to be regulated and designate a strict access control movement 
4. ⁠Create safety awareness programs
5. ⁠Foster community partnership , by building strong relationships with local law enforcement agencies 
6. ⁠Activate safe school committees consisting of teachers, pupils, parents and other relevant stakeholders to regularly meet to identify security gaps 
7. Adopt modern online and onsite monthly meeting with all interested parties
8. ⁠Compulsory perimeter  circuit cameras and fencing 
9. ⁠Mandatory illumination 
10. ⁠Mandatory Situation report rendition across relevant agencies and stakeholders 
Finally , stakeholders adopted the ten point security framework as a consultative mechanism that will strengthen the security environment of our teeming pupils.

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