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Monday, December 23, 2019

Staging music show abroad requires hardwork - Ade Royal

Prince Adeoluwa AKINYETUN a.k.a Ade Royal is one of the upward mobile and  focused musician who is dedicated to his career.

As the name suggest, his brand of Miliki music is called " Royal Music" , more for singing for the high and mighty in the society including the royalties 

Ade  Royal is a musician with a touch of class crisscrossing the home and away music firmament . 

In this encounter with The Business Package , he speaks about his career and sundry other issues in the musical industry. Excerpts 


Q: You launched an album recently entitled
 "iberu Oluwa", what is the rate of acceptance?

A: The rate of its acceptance is amazing,to God be the glory.

Q: Are you working on another album ?

A: The new album is cooking.

Q: Would you love to share your experiences staging musical shows abroad ?

A: Staging shows abroad is  another experience that comes with extra hardwork and homework,in the sense that most of the people abroad want music that is original and something that the've not heard for a long time and not the so called (alujo)that's rated as a wishy-washy trending music that cannot stand the test of time and due to the originality that forms our brand of music. My own style of music has continued to endeared more fans to me and the Royal fans- base continue to  increase both abroad and in Nigeria.

Q: What is music to you ?

A: Music to me is life,because it refreshes my body,soul and spirit every single day,it's the tonic that makes me shine all the time

Q: How do you draw your inspiration ? 

A: I draw my inspiration through the happenings within my environment and each time I  am in deep thoughts, it gives me what I  can sing about all the time.

Q: What would you call your brand of music ?

A: My brand of music is what I call "Royal Music",  that is also classified as Miliki music.

Q: Who are your biggest fans ,home and abroad ?

A: My  biggest fans home and abroad are good music lovers especially the youths and the younger ones and that is why I made a line that goes thus  ( ejé kómodé kóowáò ejé kómodé kówá, jòjòló,omo kékeré jòjòló, àwon lòrée Ade Royal..e jé kómodé kówá )meaning let the little children come to me,never should you resist them from coming to me because they are Ade Royal's  friends.  Without mincing  words, I draw a  lot of inspirations  from the little kids as well.

Q: What is your assessment of the nation's music industry ?.

A: The Nigerian music industry is doing well and fast growing, however, the government of the land should continue to let us the music practitioners have a level playing ground in terms of having access to soft loans with little or no interest. Parts of the challenges are lack of funding which is affecting our productions, having personal musical equipments,recording studios  and many other ones too numerous to mention. 

Q: Let us have an idea about your foray into the music industry ?

 A: My foray into music is God's ordained from my
 childhood and i believe it's my destiny .

Q: What is your advice for the youths ?

A: The youths should desist from any form of known or unknown vices which will make them end up in jail and get engaged with something productive that can put foods on their table without  loosing their integrity and protect the good names of their parents, like the title of my latest album, "Iberu Oluwa"meaning the fear of God Is the beginning Of Wisdom.

Q: Who is Ade Royal ?

A: My name is Prince Adeoluwa AKINYETUN a.k.a Ade Royal. I am a focused  musician dedicated to my musical career. I mean carrier-oriented young man born in Egbaland, Ogun  State, Nigeria few years ago and my fans call me lord of Miliki..

Q: What is your final take ? 

A:  At this juncture, it is necessary to acknowledge someone who played a significant role in my life journey. He  is "Paul Tao Elshadai a.k.a  (tespee) My musical career will be incomplete  if I fail to appreciate him. He worked for Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi  for more than thirty years as a producer and guitarist  He discovered me as a young drummer here in Abeokuta; he saw the future in me and decided to invite me to Lagos and through him I became a refined musician till today. To God be the glory,all I can wish him is a long time to be able to eat the fruits of his labour  IJN,Amen.

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