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Monday, January 10, 2022

Much as you need the currency of cash to get to the top ,you also need that of Good relationship

School of Life.... With Waheed Ogunjobi

Much as you need the currency of cash to get to the top ,you also need that of Good relationship

A financial freedom writer I follow lately, Grace Agada wrote and I quote. 

"There are two currencies you need in the world to grow rich and become more financially successful. The first currency is money and the second currency is relationships. These two currencies must work for you to create wealth and achieve financial success. And among the two currencies relationship is the most powerful and beneficial. This is because you can get to the top without money but with the right relationships. But you cannot get to the top having money alone.

Relationship, Yes relationship, that is our topic for today. No man is an island onto himself. Life goes round when we understand the dynamics of fostering good relationship.

Tim Sander and John Rohn are reputed to have made this classical statement that is still evergreen in all ages ; Your network is your networt.  Those are factual words. This is because, the people you surround yourself (online and offline) with can totally change your life one way or the other.

Your network creates a circle of trusted associates with varied skills who can come to your help at different points, saving you time, energy and money. Finally, network is your “net worth,” or in other words, it dictates how much power and influence you have in your society personally and professionally.

If you want to make a headway in life , you need to build positive relationship with people who will in turn be your advocate at every point in time. At the same time,  you need to be wary of the kind of relationship  you keep as well. The scripture says, Bad  companies corrupt good manners. 

For instance, astute politicians know how to make ample use of this by building political bridges across borders..This will ensure that each time they needed to get some support on their plans or ambition, they can readily call on those  friends at every corners of life to  offer  assistance, and sure they do get such since they have invested in relationship building. We shall dissect how to invest in a relationship later, it is a topic for another day.

I have heard it said times without number that, if your friends do not change or inspire you, it is not a crime to change your friends. This is because, as much as you are encouraged  to build relationship, it must be with the right people and they must be those who will be ready to add value and contribute meaningfully to your being. In building relationship, you have to be able to separate  the right people from the crowd. I was at a mountain the other time and the preacher urges  the founder to pray to get the right people order then getting multitude. He puts it midly by saying, we should rather pray to get the right people to mingle with other than just being  within  the crowd. 

My financial freedom coach also wrote and I quote
 " Money needs relationships to thrives because all the wealth in the world is created in the context of a relationship. That is, two people must first like, trust and agree with each other to do business or engage in an income-producing activity to create wealth. And while Relationships can produce money, money cannot produce relationships. Thus, you can have all the money in the world and still be far behind in life if you lack important relationships.

One thing we must also get straight is that good relationship thrives on a lot of things some of which i will mention here.

Good relationship thrives on integrity and trust. If the other party is having a feeling of security dealing with you; if the other party trust you to the extent of not scrutinising whatever you put forward, you are building good relationship that will eventually lead to a floodgate of fortunes. This is because, the trust upon which the relationship is  based or built  will invariably lead to good recommendations and making people to vouch for you. Once people can recommend and vouch for you without  any iota of doubt, you have succeed in using the relatioship you built to enrich yourself . 

Also, in building relationship, you must be ready to add value to others. Most people will discard and severe their ties  with you once they know that you are not really adding value to them. Relationship should be mutually beneficial to produce wealth. This means that you must not be stingy or selfish. The moment people realise that you are only interested in what is in  that relationship for you while what others gain is none of your business, so far you have your way,  they will begin to renegotiate their fraternity with you. 

A Yoruba adage says " Gba fun muri ni gba fun gbada. Omo oko to fe je Buredi, a fi isu ranse sile".  Meaning, relationship should be mutually beneficial. He who wants to reap bountifully from a relationship, must be ready and willing to invest in it. A relationship built on one sided benefits will eventually hit the rock.

I should not end this exhortation without saying this. Each time you have the opportunity  of attending a Seminar, workshop or training outside your area of operation, you should stop the habit of holding a newspaper or a novel and clutching to it as if you are betrothed to it..  The essence of such exposure is parly for the training and partly for networking. But, some people may spend weeks or month outside their work Station, without meeting anyone. Haha! That is too bad. Make use of power of positive relationship, meet new people everyday, network and bond and in no time such singular act of networking shall begin to work wonders for you. 

Again, may God open out hearth and eyes of Understanding.. 

Tomorrow is another day .

Waheed Ogunjobi,  a journalist, writer , author and Public Affairs analysis writes from Abeokuta and can be reached on 08035004741 or through e mail at

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