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Saturday, January 8, 2022

School of Life Series with .....Waheed Ogunjobi...

January 8, 2022.

" Money is in constant circulation because the moment money enters your hand it is ready to leave either for investment that would return or permanently lost to consumption expenditure"- Anonymous...

I gleaned a saying from a senior citizen sometimes ago which goes thus in Yoruba " Eye re owo, Eni ba le re ko tu", Meaning, money is like a bird, whenever it perches on your roof, ensure you Plocked as many of its feather you can. Thus, once money comes to you , you have to grab the opportunity.  No one is saying, you should be a glutton or looter of treasury. But, be wise.

Another way to look at the issue is the saying also in Yoruba parlance that goes thus:  " Bi Eni ti ri, ola o ri be, lo n mu Babalawo difa Ororun. Meaning, today can't be the same as tomorrow, hence the resolve of the local herbalist to consult the oracle every now and then. 

From the following allusions, the main gist for today is the fact that, as a human being, we can not afford to keep expecting that things will be the same as they were yesterday; life happens, thing changes, opportunity comes, bad moment  changes to good and sometimes good moments do turn sour. But, all in all, what you make of the good moment when it comes, matters most in sustaining you during  the bad moments.That again leads us to the earlier quote that says, once money comes into your hands, it is at the same time finding a means to escape. Some people do say  money is like a spirit. Whatever that meant. The bottomline is to draw the line between investing money with a view to see it come back in different form ,mostly in many fold, or you allow it to fritter j without any hope of return.

The writer of the richest man in Babylon, George Samuel Clason has a  way of describing this scenario , when he told readers to learn the value of putting money to good use- Investing it. He said if you do that by understanding  the ten percent rule of always given back to yourself, in no time your money will have children and maybe soon grandchildren and perhaps great grand children..How did he mean?  The money you invest that bear fruit is the one that has gotten  children,and when you invest that proceed again  whatever it bears is what he termed grand children and so on and so forth. And  this means you now understands how money works for people. Mind you, you can't keep working for money all your life, you must  learn how to make money work for you. By the way rich dad, poor dad will teach you that.

So, today, our main message is not  about how much you have, how much you have made in your lifetime, or how much fortunes you have had,  but what is the value of that money? What value have you placed on it and is it  yielding proceeds for you or it has been lost in consumption expenditure, ? May God help us all by opening our heart and eyes of understanding....

Waheed Ogunjobi, A Journalist, author and Public Affairs Analyst writes from Abeokuta and can be reached on 08035004741...or

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