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Friday, April 28, 2023

Public Relations Managers must be adaptive, fast and data driven in the ever changing world- Adaramola.

In order to remain relevant,  Public Relations  Managers or Information Officers, as it were,  must be adaptive to constant knowledge about their environment and the rapidly changing dynamics of their practice.

This is because, the tools of yesteryears can no longer address challenges of the present time.

The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Council of Registered Insurance Brokers and a one time Chairman of the Nigerian Institute  of Public Relations, Ogun State Chapter, Mr. Tope Adaramola stated this during a paper presentation at the Public Affairs Continuing Professional Development Series of the Lagos State Ministry  of Information and Strategy, held recently.

Delivering the paper on the topic" Information  Managers in government: Advancing Corporate Reputation through Personal Value", Mr. Adaramola  also said PR Managers can not afford to be rigid,but be malleable in their trade to be successful, adding that in the fast-paced world, PR practitioners can ill afford  to  be stagnant in their  response to issues.

He opined that " He who is stagnant in a moving world is not only regressing, but stands the risk of being  swept away by the blitz of time ".

He said the greatest challenge that PR has ever faced is the denigration of what role it should play in an organisation or its perception by  management, noting that  PR Managers should stand to be counted  by positioning themselves as top  management.

Adaramola said " In blending PR goals with organisational goals, PR or Information Managers must be part and parcel of organisation's   decision making process and must  be sufficiently gifted in all the quotient including,  social,emotional  intelligence and spiritual and be proactive and reactive to issues management".

According to him, PR role in management must be recognised, because PR can  discover a problem when it is manageable and as such avoid unnecessary crisis.

He identified challenges  faced by perception managers to include problems of political actors, inconsistency in govermemt  policies , red-tappism and venality.

Speaking further,  he said unfortunately  many times PR or Information Officers are often perceived and treated as" mere messagers" , or the fall guys, when the organisation  is the butt of an image crisis that could have been avoided if PR had been given its pride of place in the critical decision making process.

He concluded by saying that the  Management role of Public  Relations  must be fully recognised  for organisations to gain maximally from the profession, warning PR Managers themselves to be above board through the development of personal values

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